Jeremy Corbyn ‘to back second referendum this week’ as he caves into Remainers and betrays Brexit voters

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn is reportedly set to support a second referendum on Brexit after losing heavily in the European elections.

In a major Brexit betrayal, the Euro-sceptic leader could cave in to Remainers’ demands and back a so-called ‘People’s Vote’ – perhaps in the next few days.


The party leader, 70, could now back a second referendum after he was accused of sitting on the Brexit fence caving in to Remainers’ demands – as early as this week[/caption]

Labour sources told The Mirror the 70-year-old was expected to back a people’s vote as early as this week.

Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford fuelled speculation there could be a breakthrough.

He said: “He continues to get advice from a variety of different sources. I think the UK position is still evolving. We will hear more about it, I believe, over this week.”

And Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has also come out in support of a second referendum despite millions already voting to leave the European Union.

She said: “We’re supporting a people’s vote strongly now because it’s the right thing to do and it’s democratic.


“There is no inherent contradiction between respecting the result of the referendum and having a people’s vote, not least because it’s still not sure how a people’s vote would pan out.”

A senior Shadow Cabinet minister told the Mirror: “We need to be more definitive quickly and you’ll see that in the next couple of days, to give our membership confidence again that they can get back on the doorstep, because they couldn’t this time round.”

But if Corbyn backs a second referendum he faces losing Labour Brexit supporters in the north and Midlands to Nigel Farge’s Brexit Party.

Wigan MP, Lisa Nandy, said: “There is a huge frustration amongst Labour voters who voted Leave in towns like mine to see leading figures from Labour calling for a second referendum before there’s been any serious attempt to implement the result of the first.

“I strongly suspect if there is a second referendum people here would come out and vote in fairly large numbers and probably vote for no-deal.”

Meanwhile, Corbyn faced a mutiny after senior Labour figures revealed they voted Lib Dem in the Euro elections.

Grandees including former Cabinet ministers like ex-Home Secretary Charles Clarke publicly challenged the leader to expel them from the party, the Telegraph reported.

It came after former Blair spin doctor Alistair Campbell was booted out of Labour after admitting casting a vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Labour were trounced in the election winning just 14.1% of the vote and ten seats compared with 20.3% and 16 seats for the Lib Dems.

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