Jeremy Corbyn vows to call for no confidence vote against Boris Johnson to stop No Deal Brexit

JEREMY Corbyn has set the scene for a massive Commons showdown by vowing to call a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson’s government.

Labour’s leader said the crunch moment will come “at a point when we can win it” but that it would be at an “appropriate very early time”.

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to call a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson and his government to prevent No Deal
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He said the move was needed to prevent a No-Deal Brexit, even though Downing Street believes it can take Britain out of the EU on Halloween regardless of what MPs try to do to stop it.

Speaking on a visit to the threatened dam in Derbyshire, Mr Corbyn vowed: “We will do everything to stop no-deal including a no confidence vote at the appropriate very early time to do it.”

He went on: “The Prime Minister seems to be trying to slip no-deal through, slip past Parliament and slip past the British people. I’m sorry, it’s not on, it’s not acceptable.

“We will do everything we can to block it.

“There will be a no-confidence motion put at a point when we can win it and a point when we can make sure this Government is not allowed to take this country out of the union with no deal, because of all the dangers there will be to the people of this country.”


As The Sun told, the earliest a no confidence vote could be held is September 4th, the day after summer recess ends.

Should a majority of MPs agree they have no confidence in Boris’s administration, then attempts can be made to form another regime either under Mr Corbyn or a cross-party “government of national unity”.

If no viable alternative can be found after 14 days, a general election is triggered – although Mr Johnson would still get to set the date and could therefore hold the poll after taking the UK out of the EU.

Asked if he was preparing to fight an election after losing a confidence vote, the Prime Minister insisted: “No. The answer is no.

“The people of the UK voted in the election 2015, they had a referendum in 2016, and another election in 2017.

“They want us to deliver what they asked for – and that is for us to leave the EU.

“The last thing I want to do is call another election.”

Boris Johnson has declared he won’t call for a General Election even if he loses the confidence vote
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