Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour faces Brexit chaos as the party’s biggest union donor Len McCluskey opposes a second referendum

JEREMY CORBYN’s Labour descended into fresh chaos over Brexit yesterday as his closest allies openly opposed a second Referendum.

Len McCluskey, the head of Labour’s biggest union donor Unite, said the country had already had a ‘People’s Vote’ – and “the people voted to come out of the EU”.

The Labour leader refused to say whether he would vote Remain or Brexit if given the choice again
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He added that if there was a second poll it should only ask the public whether they backed Theresa May’s Chequers plan – or a No Deal Brexit. Remaining in the EU should not be an option.

It came as Labour members pushed for a party wide vote on a second Referendum at party conference tomorrow.

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday signalled he would back a new Referendum if members decide that is what they what to happen.

But sources claimed the leadership were drawing up a motion of their own for conference to “fudge the issue”.

The Unite boss has openly opposed a second referendum
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Mr Corbyn yesterday refused to be drawn whether he would vote Remain or Brexit if given the choice again.

He told the BBC Andrew Marr show: “Well that’s conjecture to what the question would be. In the referendum I wanted to remain and reform the EU.

40 per cent of Labour voters wanted to Leave – 60 per cent wanted to Remain. But you know what? None of them wanted to lose their job.”

A poll in yesterday’s Observer claimed 86 per cent of Labour members want a second Referendum. Just 8 per cent are opposed to the so-called ‘People’s Vote.

Deputy leader Tom Watson said he preferred a General Election to a second referendum.

But he said: “If the people’s party decide they want the people to have a final say on the deal, we have to respect the view of our members. That is what happens when you return the party to the members.”


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