Jeremy Kyle shocked to see ambulance crew attacked by drunks in Kyle Files and meets a mum who admits she almost lost her kids by drinking three bottles of wine every day

JEREMY Kyle has dealt with hundreds of drug addicts and alcoholics on his show but a night out with an ambulance crew showed him another side of the UK drinking habits.

The ITV host was shocked to see men and women passed out in the street, and a man punching a woman after a row in Birmingham City Centre.

Jeremy Kyle investigates Brits and booze in The Kyle Files

And he was horrified when the paramedics were attacked as they tried to help.

In the latest Kyle Files, which airs tonight, he also meets a woman who admits she almost lost her children after drinking three bottles of wine a day.

Sober for seven years, Ann Trotter tells the host: “For me if I pick up another drink it will cost me everything.”

‘Being attacked is a normal night’

The show investigates the unhealthy relationship Brits have with booze – revealing 20 people a day die from alcohol misuse.

On a cold night in November, Jeremy travels around with paramedic Taff and an ambulance crew – and sees numerous drunk Brits crashed out on pavements outside bars.

Ambulance crew is attacked by several revellers as they step in to help a girl

One scantily clad girl is rescued by the crew after sitting for 40 minutes on the floor in freezing conditions – and vomits as she gets in the back.

But things go from bad to worse when the crew see a man punch a woman outside a club – and then get attacked by the drunken crowd when they step in to help.

Paramedic James said:  “An intoxicated male assaulted a female.

“A load of our crews went over to lend assistance.

“He’s then turned aggressive and attacked one of our paramedics which then led to him trying to fight the lot of us which led to him being restrained on the floor.”

The crew hold the man on the floor to calm him down
A drunk person lies on a pavement in the freezing cold

Shockingly, James said this was just a normal night for the service – and blamed pre-drinking for the rise in abuse.

He said: “It seems now, especially working on the frontline ambulance service, it’s become more of normal for us. It’s becoming part of our way of life.

“It doesn’t help that people pre-drink before they come out either because people come out absolutely steaming and carry on drinking way past their limits.

“Then they end up meeting us, which isn’t the ideal situation.”

Ann says booze almost wrecked her life and she could have lost her kids

‘I drank vodka because it didn’t smell’

Former alcoholic Ann said booze had dominated most of her adult life.

She said: “It started when I was 18. It was social drinking. Go out with the friends on a Friday and Saturday night, possibly a Sunday. It would be as much as I could possibly get down my neck.

“Then when I was 23 I got married, and then it started to escalate.

“I’d open a bottle of wine. One bottle becomes two, two bottles become three and then it goes from wine to vodka. Because everybody told me vodka doesn’t smell.”

Ann admitted she neglected her kids because she was often too drunk to look after them.

Ann, who married at 23, said the drinking quickly escalated

“If I’m being totally honest I’m surprised my children aren’t in care,” she said. “If it wasn’t for my husband, their dad, they would have been in care.

After years of putting up with her drinking, Ann’s husband reached breaking point and checked her into a rehab centre in Burton-Upon-Trent.

“He literally drove me there, got me out the car and he threw me in the door,” she said.

“And he says ‘I can’t put up with this anymore. I cannot do it anymore.”

Ann was in rehab for 4 months and is now sober, but she says she has to treat alcohol “like domestos” or “poison” as one drink could ruin her life.

Katie said dad’s boozing had robbed her of a childhood
Katie with her dad before the boozing got out of hand

Jeremy also talked to Katie who says her dad’s drinking robbed her of a childhood.

“The earliest memory of my dad was we used to go for walks and stuff,” she said.

“He was a family guy really. I was probably 10 or 11 before it all started.

“I’d get up in the morning and he’d be drinking. I’d come home from school and he’d be drunk or he’d be in bed by dinnertime he was hammered. Crying his eyes out trying to tell you that he loved you with a tear-stained face.

A drunk ends up in the back of the ambulance in Birmingham

“I missed out on the first man who was ever supposed to love me showing me how a daughter should be treated.”

When he died, she said, he was already lost to her

“I was grieving the loss of him but I’d already grieved for the loss of the dad that I should have had,” she said.

“It’s not something you ever quite recover from. It’s cost me a normal upbringing.

“Alcohol did kill my dad, but I truly believe he didn’t love himself enough to stay and that is the part that hurts.”

On last week’s show Jeremy sparked a gang brawl and was chased by a knife-wielding thug.

The Kyle Files airs tonight at 8pm on ITV


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