Jeremy Kyle Show viewers in hysterics as man proposes to his ‘vile’ girlfriend who mocked his erectile dysfunction

JEREMY Kyle fans were left gobsmacked after a guest proposed to his “vile” girlfriend on today’s show.

Viewers couldn’t believe there eyes as love-struck Steven got down on one knee after partner Bev mocked his erectile dysfunction and told him she’d had offers from richer men.

Jeremy Kyle viewers were left gobsmacked after a guest proposed to his cruel girlfriend on today’s show

The moment left usually outspoken Jeremy lost for words as Steven professed his love for his cruel girlfriend of 25 years.

Despite Bev having an affair with her ex and flirting with other men in their local boozers, he just couldn’t help his feelings for her.

Of course his attitude left Jeremy reeling as he urged Steven to turn his back on Bev.

But Steven said he was too smitten with Bev’s big boobs and thought she was beautiful – though he wasn’t happy with their sex life.

Steven was madly in love with Bev even though she told him she didn’t care about seeing him

He said: “We were in the hotel last night – no sex!”

Bev then came on and gave Steven a piece of her mind, barking: “He likes sex, Jeremy, but he can’t get it up!”

Steven then hit back: “It’s a medical thing!”

“It’s not my fault you can’t perform down below,” Bev slammed.

Bev told Jeremy she’d had offers from richer men
Bev’s attitude left one audience member so outraged she gave her a piece of her mind

She also said she refused to move in with Steven and had offers from other men.

Bev insisted: “I’ve had other offers. One of them was a rich man – but money doesn’t bother me.”

Her attitude outraged one audience member so much she decided to give Bev a piece of her mind.

She raged: “What a shallow thing to say. So rude and disrespectful to say that in front of your partner.”

Viewers begged Steven not to propose to his cheating girlfriend

Steven then asked Bev why she came to visit him if she didn’t want to be with him.

She said: “Because you call me all the time. If you didn’t call, I probably wouldn’t come down at all.”

But even after Bev’s cruel words Steven got down on one knee and proposed – promising never to bring up her infidelities again.

One viewer tweeted: “Nooooooooo old man gonna propose to this vile creature  .”

Jeremy even called Steven’s dream girl Lorraine Kelly to try and bag him a date

Another mocked: “If there’s one thing I love, it’s a horrendous proposal.”

A third quipped: “Steven run mate. .”

Asked what it would take for Steven to cut Bev out of his life, he told Jeremy: “There’s only one woman for me – Lorraine Kelly!”

Desperate to get Steve to dump his cheating partner he put in a call to Lorraine – whose number conveniently went to voicemail.

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