Jeremy Kyle Show worker blasts after-care service and says they GOOGLED therapists for vulnerable guests

A FORMER worker on The Jeremy Kyle Show has blasted its after-care service — saying therapists for vulnerable guests were found via Google.

The £20,000-a-year staffer, who quit last year, said people would be pressured to appear on the next day’s show with promises of help for their issues.

The Jeremy Kyle Show's therapist Graham Stanier
The Jeremy Kyle Show’s therapist Graham Stanier

She and her colleagues would then read from a script, telling them: “We won’t offer it again. It’s now or never.”

Very few guests met the show’s therapist Graham Stanier, she claimed.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: “Guests were promised the best level of aftercare, which was non-existent.

“We were told to Google therapists where they lived, with no regard for reputation or expertise. The show would pay for four sessions and that was it.”

A Jeremy Kyle Show staffer says they had to Google therapists for vulnerable guests


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