Princess Charlotte : Why is it more bankable than Prince George ?

If Prince George is destined to become the future king of England, yet it is his little sister, Princess Charlotte, which panics the over the counters. But why is it more bankable than him ? Explanations !

This is not a secret for anyone, both children royal Prince George and Princess Charlotte are particularly popular with British and do good to the economy of the country. From the top of their 4 and 3 year old, they bring in billions of dollars, and this simply by being too cute. However, if one could believe that the eldest of the family, destined one day to become king of England has a stronger influence than his junior, this is in reality the contrary, Princess Charlotte reports that almost a billion and a half dollars more than the Prince George ! Get ready, the numbers are impressive ! According to Reader’s Digest, Charlotte is “worth” $ 5 billion, while George is “worth” 3.6 billion. These figures are based on the estimate of their economic influence during their life up to the present. But why Princess Charlotte, which had sent a walk of the photographers for the baptism of Prince Louis, and she is more bankable than its big brother ? Explanations !

Princesse Charlotte : Pourquoi est-elle plus bankable que le Prince George ?

The reason is mainly a question of fashion, fans of the royal family will buy more easily a gown that has brought Princess Charlotte as a short of the Prince George, which means that it has a greater influence economic. Its influence is such that a parent over 5 in the United Kingdom is regarded as an icon of fashion for their own children. ” The children royal have a positive impact on sales particularly in the clothing and the toys with which they play “, says the director of Brand Finance. Fans of the two children royal ? Discovers that the Princess Charlotte or Prince George would be your (thy) small(e) sister (brother) ideal(e) ?

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