JetBlue flight evacuated on tarmac after prankster sends snap of SUICIDE VEST to every iPhone on board

PASSENGERS were forced to evacuate a plane before take-off after a prankster sent a snap of a suicide vest to everyone on board.

The apparent joker used iPhone’s airdrop facility to share the image, which automatically uploaded the picture to all other Apple devices on the JetBlue flight 573 on Saturday.

Nikki Morris

Hundreds of passengers were forced to evacuate a plane after a prankster sent a picture of a suicide vest to every iPhone on board[/caption]

Dozens of suitcases can be seen strewn across Newark Airport tarmac, as security investigate
Nikki Morris

The plane was set to leave Newwark Liberty International Airport for Tampa, when a flight attendant received the photo.

Another member of cabin crew was also notified before they told the captain.

Reports say the photo showed someone wearing a suicide vest or of the vest itself.

So the plane was driven back to the gate, and all 150 passengers were ordered to leave.

In a bid to ensure complete safety, luggage was also removed from the plane and set out on the tarmac for inspection.

A Port Authority spokesman said: “Out of an abundance of caution, the plane was moved to remote area and passengers were deplaned and bused to the terminal.”

Police scrambled to the scene at around 7.30am wit K-9 sniffer dogs.

Pictures from the scene show the tarmac littered with suitcases, and emergency service vehicles swarming the airport.

Passengers filled the terminal building, with many appearing to try and keep each other calm.

Thomas Desmond told NBC News: “We pull up to the gate and then we pull away and the captain comes and says there’s been a security threat.

“It was nervous when you see Port Authority police officers coming onto your plane and you just have no idea what’s going on.”

The flight ended up leaving four hours later.

JetBlue said in a statement: “The flight ended up departing Newark at 11.27am and arrived in Tampa at 2.01pm.

“There were no reports of any major flight delays at Newark as a result of the incident.”

Nikki Morris

Police scrambled to the scene just after 7.30am on Saturday to investigate fears of a bomb[/caption]

Passengers can be seen lining up outside the airplane, as the threat is assessed

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