Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger flanked by police protection at party conference after months of anti-Semitic abuse

LABOUR’s highest profile Jewish politician Luciana Berger was flanked by police protection at the party’s conference in Liverpool.

After months of vile trolling by anti-Semites, the Wavertree MP said: “We are under attack. There are Jews in this country who do not feel safe.”

The Labour MP Luciana Berger was followed by her police security detail at all times
Ms Berger was seen returning to the conference centre after attending a Jewish Labour Movement rally
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She told fellow MPs at a conference fringe: “We expect attacks that come from the far right, we know them.

“But this year more than ever we have experienced attacks from the left from people who claim to share our party values.”

Jeremy Corbyn was forced to defend his handling of the anti-Jewish hate storm that engulfed his party this summer.

He heaped praise on Ms Berger say “she is a very effective MP and vert good campaign on mental health rights and our party has members of all faiths and none and it is an open welcoming and safe place for them.”


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