Jill Biden, Joe’s most essential wife and next First Lady

Jill Biden Jill Biden could become the future first lady of the United States. (Des Moines, February 3, 2020.) Abaca “He will do for your family what he did for ours,” Joe Biden’s wife promised when he was named Democratic presidential candidate. Portrait of a committed professor who will become the first lady of the United States. Share Forty-five years after meeting Joe Biden on a Saturday in 1975, she witnessed her husband’s induction as the official Democratic presidential candidate on Tuesday, August 18, paying him a rousing tribute on stage. “I know that if we turn this nation over to Joe, he will do for your family what he has done for ours – pull us together and unite, carry us in times of need, and keep America’s promise for us.” all, ”she said at the Democratic Party’s national convention. “You see why she is the love of my life and the rock of my family,” he replied.


Un soutien de poids

On his Twitter account, Joe Biden once again praised the qualities of his wife on Wednesday, August 19. “Jill loves fiercely, cares deeply about people, and nothing stops her when she decides to improve something,” he wrote. All of you across the country just think of your favorite teacher, the one who made you believe in yourself. That’s the kind of first lady that Jill will be. ” Undisputed asset of the Democratic candidate, this 69-year-old teacher, who now has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter, appeared at virtual campaign meetings in more than seventeen cities between the months of May and August. In March, she even interposed physically between her husband and a disruptor on the Super Tuesday stage. On October 22, she attended, in a floral dress, the last presidential debate of her husband.

Married for forty-three years, Jill Jacobs and Joe Biden were not meant to meet. Born June 5, 1951 in Hammonton, New Jersey, the eldest of the Jacobs family, banker father, housewife, grew up in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, surrounded by four sisters. An unruly but bright teenager, Jill Jacobs attended Upper Moreland High School in Montgomery County. She graduated in 1969. The young girl suspended her studies for a brief marriage to Bill Stevenson, a football player for the local university. After their separation in 1974, Jill Jacobs graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware. She will teach English in a public school for thirteen years.

En vidéo, présidentielle américaine : l’arrivée de Melania Trump et de Jill Biden au premier débat télévisé

Présidentielle américaine : l’arrivée de Melania Trump et de Jill Biden au premier débat télévisé


“Maman nous a envoyé Jill”

Her fate changes in 1975, when she crosses paths with one of Joe Biden’s brothers, who is keen to introduce the 24-year-old to him. And convinces Jill Jacobs to agree to a date. Joe Biden is going through a dark period. Widowed for three years, he lost his wife Neilia and Naomi, their thirteen-month-old daughter, in a car accident. Having become a senator from Delaware, he now watches over his two sons, Beau, born in 1969, and Hunter, born in 1970. Jill recounted their first meeting on Vogue in 2016. “I was in my last year and I was dating guys. in jeans, clogs and t-shirts, she then describes. He showed up at the door in a sports jacket and moccasins, and I was like, “God, that will never work.” He was nine years older than me! ”

Pourtant, les fils de Joe Biden se familiarisent rapidement avec la nouvelle compagne de leur père. «Je n’imaginais pas que je me demanderais, à l’âge de 26 ans, comment réparer une famille brisée, a-t-elle déclaré lors de la convention démocrate. Mais Joe a toujours dit à ses garçons : “Maman nous a envoyé Jill” – comment aurais-je pu la contredire ?» Si Joe Biden est alors convaincu qu’il doit épouser celle qui a «sauvé leur famille», il essuie néanmoins quatre refus avant qu’elle n’accepte sa demande en mariage.

«Je ne pouvais pas risquer qu’ils (Beau et Hunter, NDLR) perdent une autre mère», confie-t-elle dans une tribune à Time Magazine en août 2019. Le couple se marie le 17 juin 1977 à la chapelle des Nations-Unies, à New York. Quatre ans plus tard, il donne naissance à une petite fille prénommée Ashley. Jill reprend ses études, obtient un master d’arts à l’université de Villanova, puis un master d’éducation à l’université de West Chester, le tout en Pennsylvanie. Elle enseigne dans un collège communautaire du Delaware durant quinze ans, et dans un hôpital psychiatrique pour adolescents.


Aux portes de la Maison-Blanche

Joe et Jill Biden, Michelle et Barack ObamaJoe and Jill Biden, Michelle and Barack Obama attend the Democratic National Convention. (Denver, August 28, 2008.)


In 2008, her husband was appointed vice-president by Barack Obama. Having become “second lady”, the teacher must deal with the limelight. “When Barack was elected and he appointed Joe as vice president, our life changed,” she said. Helicopters were circling over our house. It was crazy !” Jill is however reluctant to upset her daily life. The “second lady” still jogs eight kilometers, five days a week. She also continued her teaching career at Northern Virginia Community College, where she still teaches to this day, and maintains her commitment to underprivileged children and military families. In 2012, she wrote a children’s book, Don’t forget, God bless our troops, published by Simon & Schuster, inspired by the experience of Natalie, granddaughter of Joe Biden. Indeed, his father Beau Biden, a Delaware prosecutor and US military official, was involved in several operations in Iraq in 2009.

Shortly after returning from his mission, he announced that he had brain cancer, which he died on May 30, 2015, at the age of 46. At the funeral, her brother Hunter Biden pays tribute to their stepmother Jill, declaring that she will once again be able to “fix” their clan. A true pillar of her family, the professor has not failed since. In 2017, she co-created the Biden Foundation, which fights against violence against women and supports military families. She will now officiate alongside her husband in the White House. If the couple had left the latter in 2017, they will make their comeback on January 20, 2021, when the 46th President of the United States is inaugurated. The first lady would not consider giving up her teaching post, however. “Teaching isn’t what I do,” she says. This is who I am.”


* This article, originally published on August 19, 2020, has been updated.

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