Jodie Whittaker’s Dr Who tackles racism for first time as next episode centres around Rosa Parks

DR WHO will fight racism in a new episode featuring civil rights legend Rosa Parks.

The Time Lord will meet Rosa who famously refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in 1955 America.

Doctor Who will address racism for the first time

Her act of defiance sparked the civil rights movement

Fans are already excited for the episode, with one writing on twitter: “Interested to see what they do next week with the Rosa Parks story.”

New Doctor Jodie Whittaker has to travel to the Deep South as aliens look to change the course of history.

Her sidekicks Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan both fall victims of racism when they are refused entry to a motel in the hard-hitting storyline.

Rosa Parks sitting on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, 1956. She sparked the civil rights movement with a single act of defiance
Dr Who sidekick Ryan Sinclair faces racism in the hard hitting episode
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Former Hollyoaks stars Mandip Gill plays Police officer Yasmin
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Ryan, played by actor Tosin Cole, says: “It’s not like Rosa Parks wipes out racism from the world forever.

“Otherwise how come I get stopped by police way more than my white mates? Tell me you don’t get it?”

Police officer Yasmin replies: “I can be a police officer now because people like Rosa Parks fought for us.

“And in 53 years they will have a black President. “Who knows where they will be 50 years after that. That is proper change.”

Jodie Whittaker with her Dr Who co-stars

Last week, fans were whipped into a frenzy tonight as the beloved Tardis made its first appearance of the new series.

Appearing at first as a hologram, it slowly established itself as a tangible object, much to The Doctor’s relief.

Fans also praised Jodie’s turn as the Doctor – and for the return of its comedy leanings.

There were plenty of talking points from last week’s episode.

Instead of the usual set of twelve 45 minute episodes per series, Jodie Whittaker’s series will feature ten 50 minute episodes.

Her appointment as the first ever woman Doctor

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