Joe Swash refuses to let Stacey Solomon near him after she forgets to put deodorant on

JOE Swash refused to let Stacey Solomon near him after she forgot to put deodrant on.

The 30-year-old star thought it was hysterical as she documented their lovers’ tiff on Instagram last night, with exasperated Joe, 38, exclaiming that she “smells like a steak and kidney pie”.

Joe was unimpressed with Stacey’s pits

Filming herself lounging across her boyfriend’s lap, the mother-of-three chuckled: “Joe won’t let me get any closer than this today.”

Joe interrupted: “She honestly smells like a steak and kidney pie!”

Stacey continued: “I forgot to put deodorant on today… At least I washed my face.

“I like my smell though.”

Stacey found it hilarious

Her unimpressed partner hit back: “That’s great; I like the smell of my farts but I’m sure you don’t.”

As Stacey stretched her arms so that her armpits were more exposed, Joe added: “Come on, get those pits away – you smell like an onion seller!”

The star captioned her social media posts: “He won’t let me get any closer to him than this because I forgot to put my deodorant on this morning.

“At least I washed my face and spray-painted some jars.

Stacey and Joe have been dating since 2016

“Does anyone else like their own smell? I think mine’s plant-based.”

Earlier this week, Stacey paid gushing tribute to Joe after he supported her when she was targeted by cruel trolls.

The star took the day off social media as she struggled to ignore the nasty messages, and revealed that he’d been her rock as he supported her – even treating her to a McDonald’s surprise.

They share one-year-old son Rex

She wrote: “I’m feeling so much better than yesterday thanks to you all (and Joe)

“He grabbed me a Maccy D’s and reminded me of who the important people are and reminded me of how hard and sad some people’s lives must be to be so cruel.

“I really do feel sorry for cruel people. Because I wouldn’t want to live a life with those thoughts it must be awful.”

Joe and Stacey first started dating in 2016, and together share one-year-old son Rex.


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