John Bercow sparks row for not allowing vote ruling out second Brexit referendum

A FURIOUS row erupted last night after John Bercow refused to allow a vote on ruling out a second EU referendum for good.

The Commons Speaker ignited fury by refusing to select the amendment tabled by Brexiteers – even though it was backed by a 127 MPs.

John Bercow told MPs they must 'take the rough with the smooth' after sparking fury
Remain-supporting Mr Bercow was accused of casting aside the centuries-old tradition that he remain impartial
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Mr Bercow left Brexiteers seething as he picked a rival amendment calling for a second referendum even though it has less support.

Furious MPs rounded on the Speaker – who has admitted he voted Remain –accusing him of flouting centuries-old tradition that he remains strictly impartial.

In angry clashes on the floor of the Commons, Tory MPs accused Mr Bercow of being biased, and “sucking up to Labour to keep his job”.

The shock decision came despite it attracting cross party support from DUP and Labour MPs too.
But senior Tory backbencher Sir Bernard Jenkin openly accused Mr Bercow of pro-Remain bias, saying: “What are we to conclude from your own views on these matters?”

Tory Brexiteer Mark Francois angrily demanded to know why it had not been selected when “it therefore had far more signatories than any other amendment on the order paper”.


Mr Bercow told livid Tories that said it didn’t have enough support across different parties in the House, saying: “Members do have to take the rough with the smooth”.

And he angrily told his critics that they should not “conclude anything” about his views.

One livid Tory MP added: “The little man will do anything Labour wants to hold on to his job. It’s corrupt and pathetic.”

The controversy will heap yet more pressure on Mr Bercow, who has faced growing demands to quit from his powerful post.

He had originally promised to stand down last year, but has hung on so he can oversee the Brexit debates.

But Brexiteers have accused him of flouting the strict rules of impartiality he is meant to stick to.
His family’s car has a “b****cks to Brexit” sticker stuck on it, although he insisted that it was his wife Sally’s car.

And he has faced angry demands to resign after being accused of bullying Commons staff. He strongly denies the allegations.

While a damning report into sexual harassment in Westminster by Dame Laura Cox found that a toxic culture of deference allowed bullying to run rife.

Mr Bercow has also faced criticism for using his generous taxpayer-funded expenses account to splash out on chauffeur-driven cars, trips abroad and throwing parties for foreign dignitaries.

He nearly swung it

Speaker John Bercow came close to getting a deciding vote on handing Parliament Brexit control.

The Benn amendment was defeated by just two votes — 312 to 314.

If there had been a tie, Mr Bercow would have been forced to vote.

The Speaker is known to have a Remain bias and is likely to have voted for the amendment, allowing MPs to vote on the next steps.


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