Johnny Depp : Alcohol, divorce, trial, check out the bottom of the descent to the underworld of the star !

Johnny Depp takes a path to self-destructive. At 55 years old, the actor is alcoholic, broke, and alone.

At one time, Johnny Depp was the cool anti-heroes of Hollywood. Now, the actor is drowning in debts and lawsuits. The interpreter of Jack Sparrow held a meet with Rolling Stone Magazine to talk about his recent trial and his life. In this long interview with the american magazine, Johnny Depp made sure to defend compared to the article in the Hollywood Reporter denouncing his setbacks and problems of finance. Instead, the article in Rolling Stone shows the character’s self-destructive actor who is lost in the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Return detailed on the descent to the underworld of the star.

Johnny Depp : Alcool, divorce, procès, découvrez les dessous de la descente aux enfers de la star !

Alcohol, domestic violence and divorce

Johnny Depp must regret having contacted Rolling Stone Magazine. The portrait is assumed to be the place in the victim and whose management would have stolen it, painted a picture of scary in its reality. Johnny Depp would be an alcoholic, would have the habit of drinking vodka for breakfast-lunch and smoke joint after joint all day. Knowing that he has denied all accusations of spousal abuse and dependence made by his ex-wife Amber Heard, his recent behaviour does not play in his favor. One remembers, in particular, their dispute explosive where Amber Heard has told that the actor had cut his finger to write on a mirror with his blood and paint. The actress had revealed that her husband was drunk and in ecstasy.

Most of the trials that money

When he was sued for hitting a member of the shooting of his next movie, Johnny Depp comes to find an arrangement for a trial last year. The american actor had filed a complaint against its former managers accusing them of having spent millions of dollars without his permission. If the actor is ruined for several years, this trial has made him earn the small sum of $ 25 million. For their part, the managers of Johnny filed a counter-complaint claiming that the actor had a trouble buyer-compulsive disorder. Another trial was started by his former body guards threaten to ruin a little more the father of Lily-Rose Depp. They claim that the singer of Hollywood Vampires exploited and under-paid for a hellish period of two years. They explain they have had to wipe off the face of the actor, to conceal any trace of drugs. The american star, however, continues to live his life like a king multiplying the year-end holidays in his villa in France, winter in the Bahamas or in its property hollywood.

No more credibility as an actor

Professionally speaking, the ex-husband of Amber Heard, who just shock his fans with a strange gesture begins to lose all credibility as an actor. His difficulties with the justice and his personal problems have totally taken over his talent. Despite everything, Johnny explains in the interview that he would like made into a movie the book Happier Days , talking to a 40 year old man who loses his wife, who enrolled in a retirement home. According to the journalist who spent three days with Johnny for Rolling Stone Magazine, the actor is alone : “in Spite of all its discussions about our possible escapes in the city, we never left his house. While I understood that the spirit of Depp had several holes rabbit (“rabbit holes”), I often thought of a phrase he pronounced as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland as soon as I watched it : “Am I crazy?”

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