Johnny Depp, Guillaume Canet and Brad Pitt… the news of people in short

MINUTE PEOPLE – Johnny Depp (still) afraid, Guillaume Canet has changed head and Brad Pitt is not worth a little more than a cup of coffee.

TREMBLE – It is in the skin of the wizard Gellert Grindelwald, the villain of fantastic beasts 2, that Johnny Depp made his appearance on the stage of the Comic-Con in San Diego (where a new trailer of the film was unveiled). Cutting shaggy hair to platinum blond (who give him false air of Billy Idol), odd-eyed, with a wand, and adopting the English accent, the actor shook fear in the assembly. And he even cracked a small speech : “The magic does not flourish only in souls rare, he said. It is given to those who have ambition. Oh, what a world, let us prepare ourselves to humanity ? The whole of humanity. For us, who live for the freedom, for the truth – now is the time to rise up and take our rightful place in the world.” And poof, he was gone.

RADICALGuillaume Canet has changed head. To celebrate the beginning of the holidays and the end of the filming ofin The name of the earth (Edouard Bergeon), actor and director has cut – his hair and moustache he had adopted for his latest role : “They cut everything for a renaissance after all these characters are played this year !!! A very busy year ! Happy holidays to all those who have, like me, lucky to have”, he commented on Instagram. But his vacation will still be studious because “I continue to work hard on the editing of the result of the Small Tissue ! I’m so excited to show you !” We will set to be released on march 27, 2019.

CLIC CLAC – It has become a tradition. Each year, on the occasion of his birthday, Kensington Palace makes us a “gift” of a new photo of prince George. For 5 years, we discover all smiles and relaxed. The picture was taken by Matt Porteous, official photographer of Cambridge, at the baptism of his little brother Louis in the gardens of Clarence House. The boy wears a shirt with “Daniel” and a short of the mark Amaïa Kids (not even in break in stock !).

WHAT ELSE – If you haven’t seen Deadpool 2, warning, small spoiler : Brad Pitt makes an occasional appearance in the film in which he played a Ghost, a super-hero invisible except… the time to see him die electrocuted after a parachute landing missed. But how much the production had to pay to offer the services of Brad (even for a few seconds on the screen) ? “He asked for a coffee, explained to Ryan Reynolds. This was really a way of saying, ‘I do it for nothing'”.

BOULETCelebrity Big Brother, reality tv in the uk that hosts the VIP (second area), may be found the “star” of his next edition : Samantha Markle, half sister of Meghan. What put this last a little more in embarrassment. According to Inside Edition, Samantha would be willing to participate in exchange for a cheque with 6 figures. We’ll know if the chain to give in to temptation at the launch of the 22nd edition of the August 19 on Channel 5.

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