Johnny Depp insulting to Amber Heard, she puts it back in its place and it is epic (PHOTO)

Johnny Depp has caused Amber Heard, and today the young woman responds ! Check out the message she had sent to his example

Since their divorce in 2016, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to talk about them ! As we know, the star a young woman has accused her former husband of domestic violence, photos and video in support, a case that has caused a stir on the Canvas. Recently Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are avoided at Comic Con, where the actor was promoting his latest film, The fantastic Animals : The Crimes of Grindelwald, in a lobby of the event where his ex was expected an hour later to talk about his role in Aquaman. Fortunately, the two stars are not crossed, as they still continue to send messages rather suggestive on social networks.

In fact, it is known, recently Johnny Depp has changed a tattoo he got in honor of Amber Heard during their relationship. The actor was first tattooed the word “Slim” (“slim”, in English) on the knuckles, as a tribute to Amber Heard that it was the nickname. After their separation he had changed in “Scum” (“junk” in English) and recently it has changed once again his tattoo on his fingers, opting for the word “Scam” (“scam” in English), with the letter ‘a’ containing the symbol for anarchism. This has evidently not liked Amber, as reported by the website Tv-Entertainment has posted a picture where we see her wear rings on every finger with a warrior attitude. His comment ? “No need to tattoo”. An effective way to put her ex in his place ! Johnny Depp will he respond ?

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