Johnny Hallyday, and soon the hall of fame ?

Voltaire, Rousseau, Hugo, Zola, Pierre and Marie Curie, Simone and Antoine Veil… All of these personalities have one thing in common, in addition to having marked the history of France : one to be buried in the Pantheon in Paris. To date, there are 78 men and 5 women. The last entry by date ? That of Simone and Antoine Veil, the 1st July 2018. A year earlier, during the tribute to Simone Veil to the Disabled, the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced its entry to the Panthéon, alongside her husband. Johnny Hallyday could he be, also, a rest place of the Great Men ?

A petition is circulating on the web for the rocker, the most famous of France makes his entry in the Pantheon, alongside all these historical figures, through a plate. But this is not enough to Stone Ragottaz, professor of history, retired at the origin of the statue erected in his honor in the Ardèche, who wishes his panthéonisation real and wants to do this, start another petition. His main argument, supported by many fans of the Taulier ? Johnny Hallyday is buried too far away from his admirers, Saint-Barthélemy. “The Pantheon is in Paris and it is a lot less far than in St. Barth’s for most of the French, who will never be able to go to collect there”, he explains, and the Figaro. He pointed out, from Closer, as the rocker “belonged to the world of arts and culture.”

As defined by our colleagues of Figaro, “the panthéonisations” meet, however, “a protocol” . High brand recognition of the Homeland, it must be approved by the president, namely, Emmanuel Macron. A protocol that does not seem to frighten Pierre Ragottaz, hoping that the head of State will hear his query. Nothing then remains but to convince the family Hallyday who, at any time, may oppose to this entry in the Pantheon… and his departure from Saint-Barthélemy, an island that the artist loved so much. A family which, currently, is always busy to fight by lawyers intervened in the case of the testament.

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