Jose Mourinho hits out at Man Utd ballboys after watching Liverpool’s quick corner down Barcelona

JOSE MOURINHO has slammed Manchester United ballboys after watching Liverpool beat Barcelona in the Champions League thanks to a quick corner goal last week.

Reds hero teen Oakley Cannonier speedily delivered the ball to Trent Alexander-Arnold before he found Divock Origi in the box, who then settled the result at 4-0.

Jose Mourinho has hit out at Man Utd ballboys after Liverpool’s comeback victory over Barcelona
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That goal completed Liverpool’s stunning turnaround and booked a spot for Jurgen Klopp’s men in the Euro final for the second year in a row.

Mourinho, 56, had axed a group of Red Devils ballboys in 2017, claiming they were not passing the ball back to players quickly enough.

And, following the Reds’ triumph, the Portuguese coach has reiterated ballboys play an important role in football, increasing the pace of play when a team is attacking.

He also hit out at United, claiming his former club didn’t understand how valuable a quick ball delivery could be.

Mourinho told RT: “You want a quick throw in, the ball boys need to know you want a quick throw in.

“The ball must arrive fast. I had a club where the club never understood how important the ball boys are.

“Even if you are winning, that speed is important. The goal kicks, the tempo of the game, the ball boys, in a good structure, can also play a part.

“People don’t know that a real football club, every detail is very, very important. In this game, the kid, very intelligent, very bright.

“I don’t know if he’s an academy player or not, but the kid knew what he was going to do.”

According to the Independent, Liverpool ballboys were specifically instructed to hurriedly deliver the ball to Klopp’s men in order to exploit Barcelona players’ distraction at set pieces.

A hero ball boy has been praised for passing the back quickly to Trent Alexander-Arnold for Liverpool's fourth goal
Reds hero youngster’s quick ball delivery to Trent Alexander-Arnold was key in Liverpool’s fourth goal against Barcelona
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