Joss Stone reveals hunky partner Cody DaLuz was turned on by her Masked Singer Sausage costume

THE Masked Singer winner Joss Stone has revealed that her hunky American boyfriend found her Sausage outfit a turn-on.

The Devon-born star, 33, who was unveiled on Saturday’s epic final, worried her wacky outfit would be a passion-killer for musician Cody DaLuz – but discovered the opposite was true.


The Masked Singer winner Joss Stone has revealed her Sausage costume was a turn on for her partner.[/caption]


Joss worried that hunky musician Cody DaLuz would be put off by the wacky outfit.[/caption]

She said: “I cannot tell you how much fun that gig was for me. It was the most hilarious gig i’ve ever done in my life. We laughed so much.

“Cody laughed the whole time. I thought he was going to go off me, but luckily he didn’t – he seemed to be quite into it, which is great.”

Joss Stone/Facebook

Joss and Cody welcomed their daughter Violet just over two weeks ago.[/caption]

Joss, who gave birth to the couple’s daughter Violet just two weeks ago, admitted to being a nightmare behind the scenes on The Masked Singer as she would always need the toilet as soon as she was in her cumbersome and “bloody uncomfortable” costume.


Heavily pregnant Joss struggled with the Sausage costume – because she kept on needing the toilet.[/caption]

She said: “Every time I put the costume on I needed a wee, which was very annoying.

“It was because I had little Violet in my tummy kicking on my bladder, so it was awful.


Joss blamed her need for the toilet on “little Violet kicking my bladder”.[/caption]

“There were three people helping me put this thing on and I get it on and go, ‘oh my God, oh no, I need to go to the loo’ and they were like, ‘oh my god seriously?’”

Joss’ victory over R&B star Ne-Yo, 41, as Badger and Aston Merrygold, 33, as Robin was watched by a peak of 10.6million viewers.

Reflecting on her Masked Singer experience, Joss told The Sun that she enjoyed not being judged for her performances while dressed up as Sausage.

She said: “I know you’re getting judged for your performance but not really, not in the same way.

“We all have our preconceptions of somebody. All of that was out the window. It’s just music, it’s just a laugh.”


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