Jourdan Dunn’s trainer reveals gruelling fitness regime London Fashion Week models endure, from just hard-boiled eggs for breakfast to 6am gym sessions

JOURDAN Dunn’s trainer has revealed the gruelling regime London Fashion Week models are currently going through, to get them in shape for the upcoming shows.

Ashley Verma, who danced on New York’s Broadway for 16 years, opened barre fitness studio Define London just under six months ago and was an instant success on the capital’s celeb circuit.

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Jourdan Dunn’s trainer has revealed how she gets in shape for her runway shows[/caption]

Ashley Verma is a former Broadway dancer, who opened her studio Define London earlier this year

Among her celebrity clients are Pippa Middleton, Poppy Delevingne, Lisa Snowdon, Miquita Oliver, Made In Chelsea’s Victoria Baker-Harper and model Jourdan Dunn, 28 – who trains with her exclusively two to three times a week.

She’s also working with three new faces of Burberry and a group of girls from Select Model Management ahead of LFW, which kicks off tomorrow.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Online, Ashley said: “They’re all here because they’re all seeing exactly what they want to see, the muscle definition, their abs are looking sick.

“I think the model industry is moving more towards more healthy looking, Jourdan is stunning and her body is strong and contoured in all the right spots, because that’s what we work on.

Jourdan, 28, has been exclusively working out with Ashley for the past two months
Define London
Ashley is also training the girls from Select Model Management ahead of London Fashion Week

“She doesn’t do anything drastic, she just holds herself accountable because she knows she’s going to be in front of the public eye.”

The models workout up to seven days-a-week in the three month run-up to fashion week, with some of them visiting the studio twice-a-day.

Ashley added: “I see most of the models three to five times a week.

“We do stretching throughout the class, the recovery is built in, so these girls are able to come here every day if they wanted to. Some of them do.

“They’ll come in the morning, then they’ll take a 30 minute express lunchtime class – they target your arms and your abs, your glutes – then they go off to their castings.”

Ashley says Jourdan, who previously modelled for Victoria’s Secret, is ‘contoured in all the right spots’
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Jourdan Dunn's favourite moves and props

  • Inclined chair: “I keep her in these positions for a very long period of time.”
  • The pretzel: “It massively focuses on the glutes.”
  • Ankle weights: “For extra booty burn.”
  • Playground ball: “To sculpt her inner thighs and strengthen her feet.”

Jourdan works out with Ashley two to three hours a week

Ashley, who’s been working with Jourdan for two months, added: “It’s wonderful, she’s a very hard worker. She’s fearless and does not give up.

“Each session I do with her I changes it up – abs, lower body or cardio, so when she leaves here she feels like she’s run a 10k.

“She does our Define Barre, Barre Balance and Define Power classes.”

Model day on a plate

  • BREAKFAST: Hard boiled eggs
  • LUNCH: Veggies and steamed rice
  • SNACK: Fruit, either green apples or slices of watermelon
  • DINNER: Salmon or fish with more veggies
  • DRINK: At least 2 litres of water-a-day

Ashley has also been training pregnant Pippa Middleton
While Lisa Snowdon is also among her celebrity clients
Poppy Delevingne and Made In Chelsea’s Victoria Baker-Harper, pictured, also train at Define London

The models also follow a strict pre-show diet, with hard boiled eggs for breakfast, vegetables and steamed rice for lunch, and just fruit for snacks.

Ashley said: “I definitely feel like I am the second mum to them, I want them to make sure they are getting enough protein in their diet.

“When they are running around London, and they’re going to these castings, and then they’re coming here and working out, they need to keep their energy up.

“I worked with a lot of models when I taught in New York, and I feel like right now these models are shifting towards a much more vibrant place and they’re taking care of themselves not only by working out, but by eating properly.

“These girls look phenomenal. Yes, they are thin, but they are definitely in a healthy place. I check in with them and ask ‘what did you eat today?’”

Ashley insists although the models are thin, they’re also healthy and eating sensibly
She sets the models challenges, like no phones after 9pm, to keep them on-track

It’s not just workouts and diets the model bookers are worried about.

The girls are also sacrificing their social lives, including strict no phones after 9pm rules – to make sure they get six to eight hours of sleep before their early morning workouts.

Ashley revealed: “We do little challenges where we say ‘OK this week we’re going to switch our phones off at 9pm, no Instagram, go to bed’.

“They’re not going out, they’re going to sleep. They really want to work and they know in a very competitive industry they have to keep their heads on straight.

“Some of the girls have been showing up here for a 6.45am class so they are going to bed early because they know when they sign up for something like this, I will be here and I will be waiting for them to show up.”

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