Juliana and Reese, if the young victims of the attack of Toronto

They have been basely murdered. Julianna and Reese had their whole life ahead of her. The first was only 10 years old and the second was 18 and wanted to become a nurse. But on Sunday, they have been the victim of hatred. This hatred that is affecting innocent people around the world. A shooting broke out in the metropolis of Toronto, killing the two young victims and injuring 13 other people. The attack was later claimed by the islamic State, even if on Wednesday, the canadian police has said that”no evidence” does not confirm this information. According to the family of Faisal Hussain, the author of the shooting, the accused was suffering from his childhood of “serious mental problems” that he has never been able to overcome even if he had taken medication and follow-up therapies.

Two of the victims worshipped of all

Since the tragedy, many tributes have been made to the two victims. The sister of Reese Fallon wrote on Instagram with a touching message. “You still had so much to accomplish. You’re smart, funny, kind, sweet, beautiful, and it is to this that we know that you are a perfect angel. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time and you are the victim of this story,” she shared. “It was a girl so wonderful. She had a bright future, she had been in a good University,” said in the “Toronto Star”, a friend of the family. The liberal Party, of which Reese Fallon was a member as a “young” has also paid tribute to the teenager in a press release welcoming the time spent to serve the democracy. “Coincidence tragic,” Hussain was an employee of the chain of canadian supermarket Loblaws, just like Reese Fallon and Samantha Price, one of the 13 injured, said Wednesday the “Toronto Star“, citing an internal correspondence of the company.

Julianna Kozis, she was on a visit to Toronto. The city where she lived with her family, of Markham, has put the flag in mourning to honor his memory indicates Radio Canada. Club of synchronized swimming was part of the little girl has also had touching words for it, indicating that it was a “small beautiful girl who aspired to become an athlete”. The entire team of natations met the Thursday before the memorial is installed near the place of the drama. Girls in tears placed flowers and candles for their small comrade. A walk has also been organised on Wednesday in honour of the victims of this attack.

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