July 19 must be the final whistle — not the launch of ruinous new restrictions

Real freedom

BORIS Johnson must bin Whitehall’s bleak vision for our future. Britain won’t wear it.

We were told our miraculous vaccines were the route to freedom. We didn’t expect that to mean mandatory masks in some places, as officials recommend.

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Boris Johnson must bin Whitehall’s bleak vision for our future[/caption]

July 19 must be the final whistle — not the launch of ruinous new restrictions

Or staff working from home for good, when our economy and productivity badly need them to return to the office.

Or isolation for anyone with a cough or sniffle — and quarantine for travellers, wrecking our holidays, airlines and tourism. Or even tougher curbs in winter.

Why give weight to these suggestions? So much public health advice has been wrong.

This same report says the “Covid safe” plastic screens which pubs, restaurants and shops were urged to install SPREAD the virus by stifling airflow.


And Whitehall now seems gripped by panic. Yet deaths remained low yesterday, at nine. Covid patients still occupy just one per cent of NHS beds.

Those are the crucial figures. If they continue as they are, then as Oxford jab scientist Sir Andrew Pollard rightly says: “The public health crisis is over.”

July 19 must be the final whistle — not the launch of ruinous new restrictions.

Dom’s bomb

Many bosses given bad news will have ­privately branded an underling “f***ing hopeless” in the heat of the moment.

That heat was furnace-like for Boris when Covid first hit — and the bad news was calamitous.


WhatsApps released by Dominic Cummings revealed Boris Johnson branded Matt Hancock ‘totally f***ing hopeless’[/caption]

So while Dominic Cummings’ latest score-settling blog is a fascinating insight into the drama in Downing Street, it is hardly surprising the PM reacted as he did.

It does not necessarily reflect Matt Hancock’s true abilities nor what Boris thinks of him now, given that he kept him as Health Secretary.

The Cummings chronicles will be pored over for years by historians. Voters are more concerned with jabs and the future.

Teetotally mad

Given its abysmal failures over the pandemic, you’d think the World Health Organisation would focus on preventing the next one.

Not issuing mad booze edicts.


WHO wants all women around childbearing age to stop drinking[/caption]

The WHO wants all women around childbearing age, say 18 to 50, stopped from drinking. How, WHO? And why?

Just in case they get pregnant?

They can stop boozing then, as most do.

Who wrote this “alcohol action plan”? Had THEY downed a few too many?

Going postal

We’re not buying the Royal Mail’s weasel excuse for banning England flags on vans.

“Safety concerns” won’t wash.


Royal Mail has banned its 100,000 posties from flying England flags[/caption]

Not when bosses go strangely silent over whether staff can fly the flag indoors.

St George’s cross? You bet he is.

So are patriotic, footie-loving posties.


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