Just like Abbey Clancy, we have a favourite child — and we’re happy to admit it

IT is one of the biggest taboos ever – and parents only ever talk about it in hushed tones.

But model Abbey Clancy has openly admitted to having a favourite child: her eldest son Johnny.

The gorgeous mum-of-four and her eldest child, Johnny

Abbey, 33, said: “He’s the prince! Yes, he’s still the favourite and he’s definitely a mummy’s boy.

“Johnny’s just gorgeous, he’s really gentle and loving. He’s always cuddling and kissing me.”

But she is not alone in adoring one child more than her other kids. Here, we speak to three mums who also admit to having a favourite child.

‘Annie is a miniature version of the best parts of me and my other half ‘ 

ADMIN assistant Maria Parks, 34, lives in Cambridge with her partner and her two sons Ashley, eight, and Nicholas, seven, and her daughter Annie, two.

Maria Parks admits that daughter Annie is her favourite child
Damien McFadden – The Sun

“Sometimes when I look at Annie I feel as though my heart is going to burst. If there is a more perfect child, I’ve yet to meet them. She is always happy, always smiling.

“She is my best friend. We go everywhere together and I love having her as company. Quite honestly I prefer hanging out with Annie than I do with my friends!

“When I got together with her dad six years ago, I’d come out of a difficult relationship. I knew I’d met ‘The One’ pretty much straight away.

“When he moved in with me a few months later and we decided to have a baby I was so excited. When I found out I was having a girl too it was the icing on the cake.

Maria would take a bullet for all her kids but has a soft spot for Annie
Damien McFadden – The Sun

“Being a mum to a daughter was like a little present to me. When I gave birth to Annie our world was complete.

“I knew I wouldn’t be having any more children either. That is what also makes my relationship with her so precious.

“She is a miniature version of the best parts of me and my other half too. It really helps massively that my fiancé is so amazing, so helpful and so wonderful to all of us.

“That’s why getting to enjoy and watch my daughter grow has been a happier experience for me as a mum. It has helped us bond too.

Maria Parks admits that daughter Annie is her favourite child
Damien McFadden – The Sun

Isabella is her fiancé’s ‘best gift’[/caption]

“Don’t get me wrong, I love my sons and would take a bullet for all my kids. I had my two older boys in what I can now see was a toxic relationship.

“The environment and situation I was in when I had them was so negative it made it very hard to enjoy their early years.

“It doesn’t help that the boys go to their dads every other weekend and over breaks from school, it takes away from time with me – and our mother-son relationship.

“While I know he’s their father, at the end of the day it still has an impact.

The mum-of-three said: ‘Being a mum to a daughter was like a little present to me’
Damien McFadden – The Sun

“I don’t think all parents have a favourite but I do reckon that circumstances often mean that you have a closer bond with one child over another.

“Ultimately if you’re not neglecting one child over another or making one feel left out, then it’s fine.

“My kids all get on well and don’t know any different. I treat them the same.

“But Annie and I have this incredible bond. She is the best gift my fiancé could give to me.”

‘I don’t feel guilty about favouring Gabriel’

KERRY Wilde, 38, is married with four children and lives in West Bromwich

Kerry is thankful for all her children, but favours Gabriel
Damien McFadden – The Sun

“I have four kids and  I am extremely thankful for my beautiful children – three boys and a girl. Yet I do have a favourite child. He is Gabriel, my six-year-old ‘little soldier’.

“He’s a special child and while he isn’t autistic, he needs extra help at school. I believe he has a learning age of four.

“He is also physically quite small too. When I split with his dad, I did everything I could to ensure they had a relationship.

“Gabriel saw his dad at weekends. But sadly his daddy suddenly passed away two years ago.

Six-year-old Gabriel is Kerry's "little soldier"
Damien McFadden – The Sun

Six-year-old Gabriel is her ‘little soldier’[/caption]

“It was a difficult time to get through, but we did just that together. Today Gabriel sees only the positives.

“He reasons it as though he has two daddies – he has a daddy in heaven and his stepdad too.

“He is behind at school so does have one-to-one help in the classroom. Already at such an early age the cards he has been given in life have been stacked against him.

“Yet he gets up every day determined to enjoy his life. Besides he is so loving, mischievous and cheeky too. The bond we have is so different to that with my other kids.

Kerry is thankful for all her children
Damien McFadden – The Sun

“My eldest at 18 doesn’t need mum anymore, in the way he might have done as a child.

“My second eldest is 14, he lives between me and his dad and it is an arrangement that works out brilliantly for all of us.

“My youngest, my one-year-old daughter, by my hubby is a cutie. Her dad is a stay at home father and very much part of her life.

“That’s why I don’t mind that I don’t favour her – even if us mums are supposed to be closer to their daughters.

Gabriel’s ‘daddy suddenly passed away two years ago’, tells Kerry
Damien McFadden – The Sun

“I don’t feel guilty about favouring Gabriel. I would never judge anyone without knowing their circumstances first.

“My three other children have a daddy whereas I consider myself to be mummy AND daddy to him.

“He needs so much more love and I’m happy to give it to him. My heart expands when I look at him with his big glasses and his currently toothless grin.

“Gabriel is spoilt and I don’t mind anyone knowing that. Besides everyone knows he’s my favourite!”

‘Isobel is my little angel and best friend’

STAY-AT-HOME mum Denise Smith, 21, has two daughters Isobel, three, and Olivia, two, and lives with her partner in Lancing.

Isobel is Denise's best friend and little angel
©2019 Darren Cool

Isobel is Denise’s best friend and little angel[/caption]

“My favourite child is my eldest daughter Isobel. Today she is three-years-old and I can say hand on heart she has got me through one of the most difficult periods of my life.

“I was heavily pregnant with her when my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Within a month of us having the bad news he had died.

“I was so close to dad that I was devastated; it was too much to take in over such a short period of time. I was even induced to give birth on my due date so that Dad got to meet her.

“Dad and I were in the same hospital and 10 minutes after I’d given birth, I was able to see him. He absolutely hung on to see his granddaughter and that was such a comfort to me.

Denise admits she has an unrivalled closeness to Isobel
©2019 Darren Cool

“After he’d had a cuddle, he allowed everyone to move him to a hospice. It was such a peaceful place for him to be and it’s where he died two days later.”

“We were so close though and the grief was hard to bear afterwards. Luckily, I was able to focus all of my feelings on her.

“We really bonded throughout that difficult first year without dad. I was able to channel all the love I had to give into her. I discovered just how patient I could be too.

“Yet having Isobel is like having dad around as well. She’s a wise old soul and has definitely been here before. Mum reckons dad is with Isobel in spirit, and I do too.

The mum-of-two says that even though her daughters are only a year different in age, they are ‘so different’
©2019 Darren Cool

“Now I’m a mum again to Olivia who is only two. Even though there is only a year between them they are so different.

“Yet as a mum I have been able to enjoy looking after Olivia in a way that I didn’t with Isobel. They are both amazing children though and I can see they have formed a bond too.

“But Isobel will always be precious to me and three years after she arrived in this world, she has been my rock ever since.

“She has always been a good child too – quite simply she is my little angel and my best friend.”


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