Justin Bieber soon to be married to Hailey Baldwin, to find out why he has never made his claim on Selena Gomez

While Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin will be married very soon, find out why he has never made his claim on Selena Gomez !

What has happened in the past ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, if we are delighted to see how much the interpreter of Sorry is currently happy alongside those who now shares his life, hard not to ask why he has never thought of marrying Selena Gomez. While Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin would be made to be set after an expert in body language, nobody can deny that his relationship has been very intense with the pretty brunette. However, if one believes the information on the site Hollywood Life : “Justin was too immature before to really commit. And it was never the right timing with Hailey.”

The source goes on to confident : “It was never the right time to have a serious relationship. They were too young, but Justin has always been careful to never destroy his relationship with Hailey. He had a presentiment that she would be the woman he would marry one day but he wanted to first try his luck with other women before committing for good. He takes marriage very seriously and he is ready now which was not the case before with Selena Gomez, for example. He knows without a doubt that Hailey is his soul mate.” Pending more info, the mother of Justin Bieber is furious of her engagement with Hailey Baldwin ?

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