Kamala Harris says America chose ‘decency, science and TRUTH’ after historic election win

KAMALA Harris praised Joe Biden as a “healer, a uniter” and told voters they chose “decency, science and truth” in her first speech to the nation as Vice President-elect of the United States.

Harris, who paid tribute to women as she shattered barriers to become the first female veep, started her speech praising the late Congressman John Lewis.

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Kamala Harris paid tribute to the women who paved the way for her to become the first woman elected as Vice President of the United States.[/caption]

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Harris, the daughter of Jaimaican and Indian immigrants, also became the first person of South Asian descent elected to the vice presidency[/caption]

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Harris brought her daughters to Joe Biden as the pair prepared to speak to the nation[/caption]

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Harris also praised Biden for selecting her, a Black woman, as his running mate[/caption]

“Congressman John Lewis before his passing wrote ‘Democracy is not a state, it is an act.’ And what he meant was that America’s democracy is not guaranteed,” Harris said.

Harris added that poll workers and election officials have “protected the integrity of our Democracy” as she thanked voters for their “resilience.”

“You chose hope and unity, decency, science, and yes, truth! You chose Joe Biden as the next president of the United States of America!” Harris said.

She added: “And Joe is a healer, a uniter, a tested and steady hand.”

The 56-year-old California senator, also the first person of South Asian descent elected to the vice presidency, wore a white suit in tribute of women’s suffrage as she praised the women who led to the 19th Amendment, the Associated Press reported.

“Tonight I reflect on their struggle, their determination and the strength of their vision to see what can be unburdened by what has been,” Harris said.

She also praised President-elect Joe Biden for having the “character and audacity” to select a woman as his running mate.

“But while I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last,” she said.

She added: “Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities and to the children of our country regardless of your gender, our country has sent you a clear message: dream with ambition, lead with conviction and see yourselves in a way that others may not simply because they’ve never seen it before.”

Harris was born in 1964 to two parents active in the civil rights movement: Donald Harris, from Jamaica, and Shyamala Gopalan, from India – who she praised in her speech on Saturday.

“When she came here from India at the age of 19, she maybe didn’t quite imagine this moment,” Harris said.

She added: “But she believed so deeply in an America where a moment like this is possible, and so I am thinking about her and about the generations of women, Black women, Asian, white, Latina, native American women, who throughout our nation’s history, have paved the way for this moment tonight.”

Harris, who attended the HBCU school Howard University, served as San Francisco’s district attorney and California’s attorney general before becoming a U.S. senator.

She has become the highest-ranking woman ever elected in American government whose victory could signal a new era of more Black women and people of color in politics.


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