Kate Ferdinand admits motherhood isn’t always ‘picture perfect’ as son Cree suffers poo explosion

KATE Ferdinand has admitted that motherhood isn’t always ‘picture perfect’ as she showed her son’s nappy explosion on Instagram yesterday.

The 29-year-old, who welcomed her little boy four months ago, posted a series of photos of herself changing Cree’s nappy, who she said “laughs the whole time” while getting changed.


Kate Ferdinand has said motherhood isn’t always ‘picture perfect’[/caption]

Promoting WaterWipes, Kate captioned the images: “I never thought I’d actually say I really enjoy changing Crees nappy 🤣 he is so happy when we do, it’s just so funny, he giggles and laughs the whole time!!

“Being a parent is funny, the things you thought you would dread you actually enjoy and the things you thought you wouldn’t mind you can some times dread 😳”.

Despite her initial joy about changing nappies, Kate came clean about the realities of parenthood and admitted that as a mother you’re bound to “get covered in poo” alongside a shot of one of Cree’s “poo explosions”.

She joked: “Here’s a couple pictures of us having a great time, and 1 of an absolute poo explosion 🤣🤣🤣


She shared a series of shots changing Cree’s nappy, including one post-poo explosion[/caption]

“Projectile poo from the little boy 🤣 it’s not always picture perfect guys, you win some & you definitely get covered in poo for some 🤣😩💩”.

Last week, the former Towie star admitted feeling “overwhelmed” after revealing her post-baby body.

The Essex native hit her home gym after revealing the pressure for her body to “bounce back” after giving birth.

She told fans: “Just looking back reading some comments and I’m truly overwhelmed by your all your responses.


Kate joked that it’s inevitable as a parent that you will be covered in poo[/caption]


Kate shared a heartfelt and equally comical caption about changing Cree’s nappy[/caption]

“It really does help me so much and I’m sure it does others to talk and share our experiences.

“Some days I make the gym and feel ready to take on the world. And other days we shower, get back in bed, snuggle and that’s OK.

“Being a mum is such a journey… I’ve really felt like I can relate to you all so much and have stopped beating myself up if everyday doesn’t go to plan.”

Kate then shared a video of herself in her home gym, adding: “Today is a good day. Good Friday workout… more room for Easter Eggs later.”

Kate Ferdinand shared her incredible body in the gym
Kate revealed she’s back in the gym four months after welcoming her son
She admitted having tough days as a mum
She admitted having tough days as a mum

Kate, who is also stepmum to her husband Rio’s kids Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11, and Tia, nine, got back in shape just 12 weeks after having baby Cree.

Rio often compliments her on social media about getting toned so quickly after their son Cree’s birth.

Kate has been treating fans to a string of hot mum new looks over the past few days after admitting nerves about her new curves.

She said she was working out on Easter Friday
She said she was working out on Easter Friday
Kate with husband Rio
Kate with husband Rio

She thought dressing up might help quell her ‘nerves’ after giving birth but also having to face the world again.

Kate wrote on Instagram: “Anyone else been nervous about what to wear when lockdown is over? 😩 I’ve been wearing leggings for 4 months straight 🤣

“My body has changed since having the baby and I’ve really been stuck with what to wear so I decided to have a big try on and get myself together… anyone else struggle with what to wear post baby, I just feel like a different woman! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Kate said she had held off on uploading any pictures with of her body before “finally plucking up the courage”.

She said: “I love that my body produced our baby BUT quite frankly, I don’t love my post baby body. I miss feeling fit & strong!

“As women, our bodies go through so much & I feel like there is so much pressure to ‘bounce back’ when it’s just not realistic, especially with a newborn.”


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