Kate Garraway has moments of ‘complete despair’ amid husband’s Covid battle says Adil Ray as he brands her ‘inspiring’

KATE Garraway has moments of “complete despair” amid her husband Derek Draper’s coronavirus battle, Good Morning Britain co-star Adil Ray has revealed.

The 46-year-old star has updated fans on his “inspiring” friend, admitting that he is in awe of her “amazing willpower”.

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Kate’s husband Derek has been in hospital since last March [/caption]

Derek, 53, was rushed to hospital in March 2020 with coronavirus, and remains seriously ill in intensive care – with devastated Kate sharing last week that his body is still “ravaged” by the deadly illness.

Discussing Kate’s plight, Adil shared: “She’s had such a difficult past 12 months and it’s been so tough for her. But being with her in the studio during this time really is inspiring.

“We’ve all gone through our own personal issues, but you look at Kate and think, ‘Well, I’ll keep doing what she’s doing!’”

He continued to OK! magazine: “She can dust herself down, look fantastic, get in front of the cameras and be utterly brilliant when we know what she’s going through in life. She inspires so many.


Kate’s GMB co-star Adil Ray has heaped praise on her[/caption]

“I’m absolutely sure that when she goes home it must be tough and she must have moments of complete despair.

“But life has to go on and she has to move forward or she’s being defeatist. I think coming into work and doing her TV show is really helpful. It’s a real privilege to be around her.”

The TV presenter went on to add that fans of Kate saw a glimpse of her “amazing willpower” when she took part on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2019.

Earlier this week, Kate’s other Good Morning Britain colleague Piers Morgan revealed that the mother-of-two had been told Derek “may never come out of his coma”.


He said he is sure Kate has moments of ‘complete despair’[/caption]


But praised her for returning to work at the breakfast show[/caption]

Speaking on the breakfast show, Piers issued a passionate message to viewers as he begged them to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

He said: “We know from our colleague Kate Garraway, whose husband is still in a coma from Covid… He may never come out of that coma.

“She’s been told this, and it’s heartbreaking. It has hit right here on our show.

“It’s hit a lot of people; 100,000 people or more have now lost their lives – think of how many family members they all have.

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Piers Morgan revealed earlier this week that Kate had been told Derek ‘may never wake’[/caption]

“Multiply that, and you’re getting into millions of people directly affected by Covid-19. We’ve got to take this seriously and we’ve got to get vaccinated as fast as possible. That’s the only way through this.”

Piers had previously revealed that Derek now has holes in his heart and lungs, and has lost eight stone, while battling the deadly virus.

Kate bravely opened up about her personal plight while on the breakfast show last week, admitting that she has been “feeling low since Christmas”.

She shared: “It’s been a strange time, I’ve been a bit low since Christmas – physically low, I felt physically at the end of my tether and had to regroup a bit.

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Derek’s body has been ‘ravaged’ by coronavirus[/caption]

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Brave Kate regularly updates fans on Derek’s fight[/caption]

“This week, a friend of mine’s mother-in-law, who is 51 – younger than me – died from Covid. She got it at Christmas, it went down very quickly and she died, I just thought I can’t believe that here we are so far on.

“Derek’s still ravaged from the effects of Covid from way back in March, his recovery is incredibly uncertain.

“I’m trying to look for new things and new ways and talking to doctors about what we can do for him meanwhile people are still dying in extraordinary numbers – people that aren’t older and haven’t got underlying conditions, it’s unbearable.”

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The pair have two children together [/caption]

She went on to reference a cartoon comic that now-President Joe Biden told colleague Piers about after losing his son; an animation of someone asking God: “Why me?”, and God replying: “Why not?”

Kate added that she also sees that comic as inspirational, explaining: “It works to inspire you with confidence, what was so powerful about taking that message on board is you don’t waste energy on the unfairness of the world, you pour it into trying to solve it.

“I then started saying, when they told me that Derek’s chances of survival were next to nothing and will probably die… But some people were surviving it, and I thought: ‘Well, why not? Why can’t Derek survive?’ and ‘Why not Derek now be the one who bucks his damage and recovers?’

“You can start to flip it to shift away the unfairness and try and take it as a positive, and think why not me be the one who comes through this?

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Adil said fans saw a glimpse at Kate’s resilience when she took part on I’m A Celeb[/caption]

“I think it just takes away that grinding horror of unfairness in all situations.”

Kate recently revealed she was finally able to take her and Derek’s two children, Darcey and Billy, to see their seriously ill dad in hospital for the first time at Christmas.

But after England was plunged into a new six-week lockdown earlier this month, all visits to see loved ones have been immediately halted.

Derek remains in intensive care and is now the country’s longest-fighting Covid-19 patient.


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