Kate Middleton and Prince William, the huge secret that they have not revealed to the Prince George

Prince William and Kate Middleton hiding a huge secret to their son, Prince George, in order to protect it for as long as they can . Check out which !

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are trying to ensure that their children, the Princes George and Louis, and the Princess Charlotte, to have a childhood and an education as normal as possible. However, their eldest son already has a destiny ! Prince George, who celebrated recently its 5th anniversary, is the future king of England. In fact, it is in the third position in the order of succession to the throne, after his father, Prince William, and his grandfather, Prince Charles. However, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided not to discuss this information with their son for the moment, because there is “a time and a place” for such a revelation, “said Prince William in the Mirror. The Duke of Cambridge did not always find that his future role was easy to manage when he was growing up and wishes to preserve his son.

Catherine Mayer, who wrote the book Charles: the heart of a king, has revealed that”with George, they are trying to delay this moment of realization, and give him the normalcy before the impose. But it will be, nevertheless, a part of his education both in terms of what he sees his parents and grandparents do, and probably very soon a beginning understanding of what it is in public life and what it means.” We revealed recently that Queen Elizabeth II has put an intensive program into place for the Prince George in order to already prepare him to become King of England. Prince William, meanwhile, often insists on the fact that his family is “very normal” and that his children are growing up in a “live environment and living”, and not “behind palace walls”. However, now that Prince George is at school, it may be more difficult to keep this secret.

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