Katie Price told off by her mum live on Good Morning Britain after she vows to make boyfriend Carl her fourth husband

KATIE Price was told off by her mum Amy on today’s Good Morning Britain after she vowed to make boyfriend Carl Woods her fourth husband.

The 42-year-old bickered with mum Amy much to the delight of Piers Morgan in the studio.


Katie Price’s mum Amy told her off for thinking about marriage on today’s GMB[/caption]

When Piers joked he could be Katie’s next man, he opened a can of worms.

Katie said: “I’ve found my perfect man now…”

Amy interrupted: “Oh here we go.”

Susanna Reid asked: “Katie, are you getting married again?”

“Don’t go there,” laughed Amy, speaking from home. “Don’t you dare answer it.”


Katie gave as good as she got[/caption]

But Katie was having none of it and said: “Yes, and you like him.

“Save your breath, mum. Save your breath.”

Katie has been married three times to Peter Andre, Alex Reid, and Kieran Hayler.

While the mum-of-five might have been unlucky in love, she’s confident she’s finally found Mr Right in 31-year-old car dealer Carl.


Carl wants to marry Katie and start a family[/caption]

Meanwhile Piers accused Katie of flirting with him after as she complimented his looks.

The 55-year-old was told he gets “better looking with age” by the ex-glamour model.

Piers Morgan was told he gets 'better looking with age'
Piers was in a flirty mood

The mum-of-five was championing her disabled son Harvey, 18, following her heartbreaking BBC documentary about the abuse he gets online.

Piers said: “I love Harvey. He’s such a sweet boy. He’s very funny and I think you’ve been an amazing mum to him.”

Jumping at the chance to have a cheeky flirt with pal Piers, Katie cut in and said: “You’re looking better with your age, Piers. You’re ageing alright aren’t you?”

Shocked Piers joked: “Katie, are you making a play for me live on air? Could I be husband number 26?”

Cheeky Katie Price got flirty with Piers as her mum watched live
It was all light-hearted banter

He then turned to Katie’s mum Amy – who appeared on the show to update fans about her terminal lung condition.

Piers asked: “Amy, how do you feel about me finally making a decent woman of your daughter?”

Amy joked: “No chance,” before Katie shouted: “I’ve found my perfect man now. There’s no more on the agenda.”

Piers laughed as Amy rolled her eyes when co-host Susanna Reid asked if she had plans to marry her boyfriend Carl Woods.

The 42-year-old confirmed she'll marry her boyfriend Carl Woods
Carl has taken care of Katie after she broke her feet in a freak accident



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