Katy Perry slammed as ‘mean’ by American Idol fans after singer continues to ‘fake out’ contestants

KATY Perry has received backlash from fans who believe her to be “mean” for faking out American Idol contestants before sending them on to the next round.

The American Idol judges have consistently tricked the competing singers into believing they would not be moving on, before confirming their spot in the next round.


Fans have labeled Katy Perry as ‘mean’ for faking out contestants[/caption]

Katy, 36, was served some hate on Twitter during tonight’s show, as fans claimed the fake outs were “tiring” and “mean.”

The new mom led several contestants to believe they would be heading home and not returning, before convincing them otherwise.

However, the TV personality decided to make a game out of the fake outs, as she encouraged viewers to “drink” every time the judges tricked a competitor.

“Take a shot every time we fake out a contestant,” Katy wrote on Twitter, as she kept the situation light.


Cassandra Coleman was faked out ‘twice’ by the judges[/caption]


Katy tried to make the situation into a drinking game[/caption]

One singer, in particular, Cassandra Coleman, had been faked out previously by the blonde judge, and Katy decided to joke about the occurrence in a second tweet.

“We’re 2 for 2 on faking out @casscoleman,” she admitted, adding: “Drink twice!”

Many fans were not pleased by the game, which they felt to be taking advantage of the contestant’s emotions.

“I wonder if they know they don’t have to do a fake out on every single contestant?” one disgruntled fan expressed.


The singer bragged about a double fake out[/caption]


Many scolded them for the cruel joke[/caption]


“It’s also so d**n TIRED,” another complained.

“Why are ya’ll so mean,” a third asked earnestly.

Tensions ran high last week on the ABC competition when contestant Erika Perry had a major meltdown after being eliminated.

In utter disbelief that she was cut from the Hollywood Week episode, the furious singer asked to “speak to the manager.”


Erika Perry had to restart her performance[/caption]


She had a nervous moment on stage[/caption]

Mid-performance Erika became nervous and halted her singing, and the judges had to coax her to calm down.

Despite finishing her song the second time around, she was not asked to continue with the competition.

Once the eliminated contestants left the room, Erika stayed behind to speak to the judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

“Are you sure? Like I’m not even acting right now, seriously but are you sure?” she asked them furiously.


She was furious when she was eliminated[/caption]


She asked to ‘speak to the manager’[/caption]

Lionel confirmed their decision, which enabled Erika to take off on a wild rant backstage.

“I’m trying to not have an actual b***h fit because I can get angry and sassy real quick,” she screamed.

After approaching a producer, she yelled: “Who’s in charge of this? I’d like to speak to the manager. 

“I’ve been nice for years but I’m tired of being this nice college girl. No! I am done being nice!”


Erika went on a rant backstage[/caption]


Fans were shocked by her dramatic behavior[/caption]

I’m a lunatic! Why do you think my ex dumped me? I’m a lunatic I will go f**king psycho!” she concluded wildly.

Fans were shocked by the dramatic display, as they took to Twitter to call Erika a “Karen” for her complaints.

“Wth Erika making a scene. She’s gone Karen on American Idol. She wants to see the manager,” one wrote.

“OMG! That Erika Perry look when she got eliminated had me dying laughing lolololol I’m so sorry, girl. It was the right call. Too bad. 

“Work on that breath support and finding yourself (instead of a man) He’ll come along when you’re complete,” another hoped.


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