Kelly Osbourne wears eyepatch after she scratched her ‘eyeball on mascara wipe’ as Kelly Clarkson dons similar accessory

KELLY Osbourne shares a video to her Instagram wearing an eyepatch after being scratched by a makeup wipe while Kelly Clarkson sports a similar accessory on The Kelly Clarkson show.


Kelly wears a black eyepatch under her clear face shield[/caption]


She tells her followers: “This is some 2020 s**t, look”[/caption]

The British Actress displayed her new facial ornament with an Instagram post in selfie style.

She wore a large clear face shield over her black eyepatch, with her pastel lavender hair tied up in a high-pony and bangs swirled into a pin-up twirl.

In the video Kelly says: “This is some 2020 s**t, look” and then sticks out her tongue to show off her appearance.

Prior to her post, the fashion designer took to her Instagram stories to explain the reasoning behind her eye covering.

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Kelly Clarkson is now twinning with Kelly Osbourne[/caption]

Kelly was mid-glam session when her makeup artist said “Don’t move, don’t move. Don’t move at all.”

Her makeup artist then tried to take the fall for causing the injury, before Kelly interjected: “It was my fault! It really was my fault. I moved right into it. I really hope I get an eye patch because that would be a f—king look.”

The Talk star then admitted her fate, saying: “I’m currently on my way to the eye doctor because I scratched my f**king eyeball on a mascara wipe.”

After accepting her eye’s condition and her new facial addition, Kelly decided to make the best of the situation.

She reasoned: “The only good thing about this is that it does look like I could maybe poison you and kick the s**t out of you, just by looking at you.”


The star has kept good spirits about the patch[/caption]


The star’s makeup artist tried to take the fall for the injury, but Kelly was quick to claim fault[/caption]

This is not the first famous Kelly this Fall to don some pirate-wear.

Kelly Clarkson recently wore an eyepatch following doctor’s orders after experiencing a re-occurring eye infection.

The talk show host explained during filming for a promo: “I can’t wear makeup, and if I take it off it looks really weird and gross so you’re welcome.”

She continued with good humor, saying: “Oddly enough it also happens to be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. So that’s a thing I totally knew about.”

Fans were very concerned about Kelly’s eye, commenting troubled statements like: “Why is she wearing a patch? I hope her eye is alright.”


Fans have been supportive of the singer’s eyepatch[/caption]


They’ve taken to Twitter to share positive comments[/caption]


Kelly says she’s protecting fans by wearing the eyepatch because her eye looks “weird and gross”[/caption]

The host had a moment while filming an early episode for the new season of her talk show, fighting back tears to prevent damage to the injured eye.

The emotional point came while joined by Father Greg Boyle, who’s Homeboy Industries organization gives job offerings to former gang members in need of a fresh start.

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She will be seen wearing the eyepatch in several episodes of The Voice this season[/caption]

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Kelly’s eye has since healed[/caption]

In speaking about an accompanying video clip, Kelly declared: “I literally had to stop watching cause if I cry, my eye will die. I was like it’s so moving and it’s so beautiful and it’s so important.”

Kelly shared that her eyepatch will be featured on several episodes, all of which were filmed back to back but won’t be aired in consecutive order.

“I’m gonna randomly be wearing a patch, like on a random Tuesday and people are going to be like, ‘She needs to figure out her eye situation.’”

The new season of Kelly’s talk show is currently airing and her eye seems to be healed.

The famed singer is recently divorced to her ex Brandon Blackstock.

The couple has split due to “irreconcilable differences” following seven years wedded.

Kelly and Brandon have two children, River Rose, 6 and Remington Alexander, 4.




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