Kendall Jenner more in love than ever, she appears with Ben Simmons for his birthday ! (VIDEO)

While Kendall Jenner seems to be flourishing alongside Ben Simmons, she was there for his birthday !

It is the mad love ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, everything is for the best in the best of the world for the pretty model. Completely happy with the sides of the basketball, it seems more fulfilling than ever. While the beginning of’ melty explained to you why Kendall Jenner preferred to be discreet about her relationship with Ben Simmons, be aware that the young woman no longer afraid to appear with him, since she was indeed present at the celebration of his birthday. In fact, the young man has recently celebrated its twenty-two years, and it is an event that the beautiful brunette could not decently not to be missed as it has become important to her.

And as you can see on the above video, Kendall Jenner is living her love to the big day. While her husband was given a beautiful white cake, she approached him to give him a cuddle. One time simple, which proves that their relationship is on the mend. This will be a pleasure to fans of the girl ! Remains to know when the two lovebirds decide to formalize their love story on social networks. Because they seem to be inseparable, impossible to know where they are exactly. Pending more info, a crazy rumor claims that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are less close since the birth of Stormi.

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