Kendall Jenner still hooked on Harry Styles, in spite of his relationship with Ben Simmons ? The index, which sows doubt ! (VIDEO)

While Kendall Jenner seemed to be spinning the perfect love with Ben Simmons, a new index shows that it has not forgotten Harry Styles ?

A time, not that lontaine ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, if the former singer of One Direction, has had a romance with Taylor Swift, her heart also broke for the pretty model. If we do not know much about their romance, yet it is clear that they separated on good terms. While Kendall Jenner wanted to be very discreet about his romantic relationship with Ben Simmons, the young woman has yet made the concert Harry Styles reveals the site Hollywood Life. The young man was celebrating the last concert of his tour and it is with a parterre of stars that he has bowed out because Kendall Jenner was seated not far from Shawn Mendes.

Delighted to be present, she is ungainly on the tubes of his ex before offering him a standing ovation as you can see on the video above. If there is nothing to say that the two former were returned, it is certain that the climate is nice between them to the point that the model did not hesitate to move to support it. Separated since 2015, many fans are convinced that the album of the singer is based in part on its romantic relationship with the pretty brunette. Remains to be seen whether Harry Styles will eventually reveal the truth in the weeks to come ! Waiting for more info, Tinashe is obsessed and dangerous for Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons ?

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