KFC is launching a massive 80-piece popcorn chicken bucket for £6

KFC fans who love popcorn chicken can now tuck into a mega 80-piece bucket of the fried goodies.

The fast food chain is launching the extra large bucket today for £5.99.

There are 80 pieces of popcorn chicken in this new KFC bucket

If you break that down, it works out at less than 8p per popcorn chicken – that’s a lot of fried food for your money.

The 80-piece bucket will be available until March 23, 2020, in all restaurants across the UK.

It comes after a successful trial in November 2019 where the mammoth portion was tested out in ten stores in Glasgow, Scotland.

If 80 pieces is too much, the fried foods chain also sells small, regular and large portions of popcorn chicken.

The KFC website doesn’t list exactly how much you get in each one, but a large size is costs £4.29 which is £1.70 less than the 80-piece.

If you’re ready to get your fill, you can use the online restaurant finder to locate your nearest KFC.

KFC has around 900 stores in the UK.

Or if you plan on tucking in at home, we’ve asked KFC Just Eat and Deliveroo.

We’ve asked KFC how many calories the 80-piece bucket contains and we’ll update this story when we know more.

The large size contains 465 calories.

For more KFC deals, the chicken chain has cut the price of its bargain bucket from £12 to £7 – but only for a month.

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