Khloe Kardashian tells Andy Cohen KUWTK was a ‘Lindsay Lohan REPLACEMENT’ and execs said they’d ‘last one season’

KHLOE Kardashian told Andy Cohen that Keeping Up With the Kardashians was a “Lindsay Lohan REPLACEMENT.”

The 36-year-old added that execs said the reality show would only “last one season” during Thursday’s episode of E!’s For Real: The Story.

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Khloe shared that KUWTK was a ‘Lindsay Lohan replacement’

The actress and her family almost had their own reality show on E![/caption]

Andy was shocked by the revelation

During the episode, the 52-year-old Bravo boss sat down with Khloe and her sisters Kim, Kourtney and their mother Kris Jenner.

While talking about how KUWTK came to be, Khloe revealed: “The Lohans were supposed to do a show then it got canned or something happened where it just didn’t go into production.” 

Kim then chimed in: “They needed to fill the slot ASAP.”

Andy looked shocked as he asked: “You were Lohan replacements?”

Khloe responded: “Yeah and they told us, ‘Don’t get too comfortable. You’re just filler. You’ll just last one season.’” 

Khloe made the claim during a recent interview
Kim added that the network had to fill the time slot

The famous family also revealed that the hardest plot point to navigate on the show was Caitlyn Jenner’s transition because there wasn’t as much information at the time as there is now.

They added that her transition was tricky to handle since they wanted to remain respectful. 

In addition to Khloe, Kim, Kourtney and Kris, the popular reality show also stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner.


The Kardashians have starred on KUWTK for 20 seasons[/caption]

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Lindsay almost had her own reality show[/caption]


Her family also would have starred on the show[/caption]

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Lindsay likely would have dropped many bombshells on the potential show[/caption]

While KUWTK ended up becoming a huge hit, the Lohans’ reality show would have followed the lives of Lindsay, 34, her mother Dina, 58, and her father Michael, 60.

The Parent Trap star’s siblings- Ali, 27, and Michael Jr., 33- also would have likely appeared on the reality show.

The final season of KUWTK is currently airing on E!

After it was reported that Season 20 will feature the final batch of episodes of KUWTK, it was revealed that the famous family landed a MASSIVE new content deal to exclusively create shows for Hulu.


The actress went on to star on MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club[/caption]

KrisKimKourtneyKhloe, Kendall and Kylie are set to create global content, which will stream exclusively on Hulu in the US and in multiple territories on Star internationally.

The content is expected to debut in late 2021 and additional details will be shared when available.

The deal was announced at today’s Disney’s Investor Day, which this year is being livestreamed online.


The final season of KUWTK is currently airing on E![/caption] Link

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