Kids allowed to play computer games ALL DAY at an unregistered school, inspectors found

KIDS are allowed to play computer games all day at one unregistered school, inspectors found.

Ofsted said the quality of teaching at 200 similar sites is “sub-standard”.

Thousands of children are attending unregistered schools with one letting children play computer games all day
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Conditions are “appalling” at some, with exposed wiring, rat traps and open sewers.

The watchdog’s Sue Will said: “Some of the buildings that we have been to are in really poor state.

“I have been really shocked at the health and safety issues that we have seen – I mean quite appalling.

“We are not just talking about run down places that could do with a lick of paint, we are talking about some not very nice places at all.

“Open sewers, rat traps in rooms, I have seen portacabins balanced on portacabins to maximise space, exposed electrical-ware, I’ve seen holes in walls and floors, I have seen locked fire doors, I have seen holes where children have probably punched plaster walls.”

The watchdog has investigated 521 “schools” since 2016 — a quarter of them general education providers, a fifth religious. It issued warning notices to 71.

It said one unnamed council paid £27,000 per pupil per year.

In total, 71 settings have been issued with a warning notice by inspectors.

The data shows that 15 of those settings have since closed, while 39 have changed the way they operate in order to comply with the law, and nine have registered as independent schools.

Ofsted says children in unregistered settings are potentially at risk because there is no formal external oversight of safeguarding, health and safety or the quality of education provided.



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