Kids pile on pounds over summer holidays with number returning to school overweight rocketing by a fifth

KIDS pile on the pounds over the summer holidays, research shows.

The number of pupils returning to school overweight rockets by a fifth.

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Children are gaining wait over the summer holidays because they do not get enough exercise[/caption]

Experts warn too many are being dumped in front of screens for four hours a day over the six-week break — while playing out for 2½ hours.

A study of 400 primary kids found fitness levels plummet by 80 per cent over summer.

The research by charity UK Active followed them over a 13-month period and found numbers of tubby kids dropped steadily between the start and end of the academic year.

By July, about 20 per cent of children were overweight or obese. But after six weeks of gawping at gadgets, this rose to 24 per cent by September.

UK Active boss Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson urged parents to keep youngsters moving.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said: “Children have easier access on hols to the lure of junk food.”

It comes as a Sainsbury’s poll of 1,000 families found kids spend an average 174 hours in front of screens in the summer holidays — four hours daily.

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The number of children considered overweight increases by 4 per cent over the summer holidays[/caption]

Vegetables help foil Type-2 diabetes

EATING lots of veggies slashes the risk of type-2 diabetes by up to a third, a review suggests.

Researchers found the more plant-based food and less meat someone ate, the lower their odds of developing the disease.

Those who conformed most to a vegan-style diet were 30 per cent less prone to the illness.

The US study analysed data from 307,000 people.

Expert Dr Ian Johnson, from Norwich’s Quadram Institute, said: “Diabetes is a burden on the NHS.

“Any shift toward this diet could be beneficial.”



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