Killer bullies, 14, who beat orphan, 13, to death are FREE to enjoy Christmas with their families despite brutal attack

TWO teen bullies are free to enjoy Christmas with their families despite brutally killing a 13-year-old orphan to death.

The unidentified juvenile killers, both 14 years old, admitted to the 2019 killing of Diego Stolz at a November 12 hearing in Riverside, California.

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Diego Stolz, pictured, hit his on a pillar during an attack at school and passed away nine days later[/caption]


Cellphone footage from the incident captured Stolz getting punched by one of the bullies[/caption]

Stolz attended Moreno Valley middle school as an eighth grader.

Despite the two teens admitting to involuntary manslaughter and assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury – the pair is free on bail until their February sentencing, Mercury News reported.

John Hall, a spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, revealed on Wednesday that one teen is set to be sentenced on February 10 and the other on February 16.

The teens names have not been made public due to their age and that they are not in custody.


The strike prompted Stolz to fall and hit his on a pillar[/caption]

The fatal assault took place at Landmark Middle School in September 16, 2019.

Footage from the incident, which was taken from a witness’ cellphone, captured Stolz getting punched by one of the bullies.

The strike prompted Stolz – who was standing with his hands on his sides – to fall and hit his on a pillar.

Both teen bullies were seen on video punching Stolz multiple times as he lay unconscious.

Stolz remained comatose and was declared dead nine days after the attack.


Diego Stolz died of a brain injury nine days after the attack at school[/caption]

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Diego Stolz’ aunt and legal guardian is seen crying during a press conference on October 29, 2019[/caption]

His cause of death stemmed from a brain injury.

Speaking at court on Wednesday, community activist Alicia Espinoza expressed she was thankful that the bullies pleaded guilty – but questioned when will they serve jail time.

“They get to come home, celebrate Christmas and be with their family. Diego doesn’t get that privilege,” she said.

Back in October 2019, approximately one month after the fatal attack, the Southern California school district made changes in the middle school’s administration.

The Moreno Valley Unified School District replaced Principal Scott Walker and Assistant Principal Kamilah O’Connor at Landmark Middle School.


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