Kilmarnock stabbing: Chilling last Facebook posts of knife killer who stabbed wife and step-daughter to death

JEALOUS rants from blade maniac Steven Robertson emerged online after he slaughtered his estranged wife and step-daughter.

The 40-year-old posted a sinister video and message on Facebook before he stabbed hospital worker Emma Robertson, 39, to death in the grounds of Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock.

Jealous rants from blade maniac Steven Robertson emerged online
Robertson killed his estranged wife and step-daughter

Twenty minutes later, he stabbed Emma’s daughter Nicole Anderson, 24, as she worked as a takeaway delivery driver in the town centre two miles away.

Robertson then crashed his car into a tree around 13 miles away south of Kilmarnock on a minor road near Auchinleck.

Cops are linking all three horror incidents that shook the Ayrshire town between 7.45 and 8.30pm on Thursday night – and sources said they were aware of the internet rants.

Kilmarnock stabbing: Nicola Sturgeon pays tribute after Crosshouse blade horror

Within an hour of Robertson dying in the single vehicle crash, social media posts from a now deleted Facebook page show Robertson’s twisted state of mind towards his estranged wife.

He shared three kids with Emma and was also step-dad to tragic Nicole.

A video emerged of Robertson in a foul-mouthed diatribe against his ex while walking around a flat undergoing major renovation.

He says: “Some mess man. Is this my life? No, this is not my life.

The killer posted a sinister video online

“F*** off man. I hate ye, I don’t want anything to do with you. Honestly. I don’t even want to see my weans because of you. I know everything about you, get to f*** out of my life.”

In a second post, he makes further slurs and allegations against Emma and blames her for apparently turning the youngsters against him.

He wrote: “Well well well, I never thought you would turn the kids away from me but remember Emma Robertson all your lies wrecked the family. So I’ll not need a phone any more.

Tributes were paid to Emma and Nicole
Les Gallagher – The Sun Glasgow

Forensic cops were in Kilmarnock today[/caption]

Cops at the scene last night

“I never in my life after 20 years together thought you would do this.”

In a disturbing conclusion, he appears to suggest he won’t be contactable after posting the sick slurs.

He said ‘‘You keep saying what you want because I don’t care anymore – the right people know the truth, that’s all that matters to me.

“And thanks for all the people who told me stuff there are some right good people out there. I am closing my Facebook for good and I am not going to have a phone because I don’t need one anymore.’

John Kirkby – The Sun Glasgow

Forensic teams were also at Crosshouse Hospital[/caption]

It’s understood Robertson and Emma were together for around 20 years. The devoted mum’s Facebook page is littered with happy photos from family holidays – including a trip to Florida in October 2019.

Another shows the family – including Nicole – dressed up for a wedding in 2014. But in recent times it’s understood the couple experienced difficulties and were living apart.

Nicole worked at the Spicy Cube as a delivery driver and the family was popular in Kilmarnock. Owners of the takeaway paid tribute to the “loveliest lassie”.

Bosses said it would remain closed as a sign of respect to the slain delivery driver. They said: “Still can’t believe what’s happened, hard to take in.

“Loveliest lassie you could ever meet and one person who cheered the shop right up. Rest in peace Nicole Anderson you’re sadly missed.”


Customers also told of their shock at her horrific death. One wrote: “Absolutely devastating and heartbreaking.”

Another added: “Always delivered our food with a smile on her face. Will be sadly missed.”

The vehicle thought to have been driven by Robertson could be seen on a remote section of the B7036 just south of Auchinleck.

It had come to a halt at the side of the road opposite a farm house with a large green cover placed over the motor.

A police van was parked across the road a around one hundred yards away from the crash scene and the road was closed at its junction with the A76 and the A70 at the village of Ochiltree.

The location is 12 miles or 25 minute drive southbound from Portland Street in Kilmarnock where it’s understood Robertson attacked Nicole.

Cops confirmed they were not chasing Robertson and it’s unclear how the crash happened.

Ten officers in white forensic suits were seen approaching the abandoned motor from the A76 side of the road as they probed the grim scene for clues.

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