Kim Kardashian at the marriage of Pusha T, it creates the controversy with this outfit

Kim Kardashin was invited to the marriage of Pusha T this weekend. The star of reality tv has created controversy on the web because of her outfit, not really appropriate !

Rapper Pusha T was married this past weekend, he married his girlfriend of long date, Virginia Joy Williams, during a beautiful ceremony in Virginia Beach. Many stars were invited to celebrate this great day, including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who has collaborated with the rapper. The star of The Incredible Family Kardashian has posted a video of her outfit for the wedding and now everyone is talking about it. While her husband had opted for a black tuxedo, Kim Kardashian, who mocked herself on Instagram, opted for a look “Balmain vintage”. In fact, she had slipped into a mini dress slinky gold that it accessoirisait a bag of rhinestones in the shape of a phone. This outfit was far from unanimous on the Canvas, and had even created a real controversy on the social networks.

If Kim Kardashian, who took on the defense of Kylie Jenner, was very sexy and her dress was like a glove, users have felt that this outfit was not at all appropriate for a wedding. Many have found that this dress could steal the limelight from the bride, but especially as it was a dress and go to a nightclub. “Um, why does she something strong in a marriage ? Never steal the limelight from the bride.”,”She looks stupid it looks like an evening gown.”, “It’s a wedding, isn’t it ? Why kim is dressed as to go to a club ???”, could be read on the social networks. The magazine Flanges is inclined to agree with everyone and think that Kim Kardashian would have had to choose an outfit much more sober in order to let it shine the bride. However, Pusha T and his wife were indifferent to the holding of the star of The Incredible Family Kardashian , and displayed all smiles on the photos and the videos that they shared on the Internet.

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