Kim Kardashian latest news – Fans RAGING at Kardashians snub from Forbes’ ‘Powerful Women’ list while Rihanna makes cut

KARDASHIAN fans are fuming after the family were snubbed by Forbes’ ‘Most Powerful Women’ list.

Despite their enormous fame and wealth, not a single member of the megastar family were included on the list, which does feature Beyonce, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

Fans raged at the decision, citing Kylie Jenner’s multi-billion rated cosmetics empire as proof of her power, and saying Kim Kardashians enormous social media reach and fragrances should have earned her a place on the list too.

The top rated celeb on the power list was Oprah Winfrey, who ranked in 20th ahead of Rihanna at 69, Beyonce at 73, Taylor Swift at 82 and Reece Witherspoon at 92.

And there was more bad news for Kim Kardashian over night when judges rejected a last minute death penalty appeal from Brandon Bernard – a prisoner convicted as an accomplice in a double murder aged 18,

As things stand Bernard, whose cause has been championed extensively by Kim, will now be executed tomorrow.

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