Kim Kardashian latest news live – Kim shows off daughter North’s incredible pink butterfly-themed room

KIM Kardashian is a typical mom who can’t help sharing photos and videos of her children doing cute stuff.

The mom-of-four revealed a clip of her daughter North wearing cow print trousers and dancing to Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas’s track Old Town Road.

North, 7, is clearly destined for a life in the limelight loves the camera as she’s introduced by her mom Kim, who introduces her with Ukulele.

Wearing a white shirt with yellow cuffs and bib, the seven-year-old wears black and white cow print trousers and a red hat.

Kim captioned the video on her phone: “Found this gem on my phone”

Earlier today, speaking exclusively to HollywoodLife, musician and fashion designer Nikki Lund, 38, revealed she knew Kim was special from an early age.

“She always had that energy, so I’m not surprised,” Nikki said of Kim’s celebrity status. “Seeing the success of our whole group of friends is really exciting. There’s so much different talent in our group,” she added.

And she revealed, incredibly, that she and Kim have NEVER had in a falling out in the decades they have known one another.

“I never had a falling out with Kim,” Nikki said. “I talk to her mom and I talk to family members, but the last few years I’ve lost touch with Kim for no other reason than we both have different schedules,” she added.

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