Kinder Bueno ice creams FINALLY on sale in the UK

KINDER Bueno ice creams have finally landed in the UK and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

We don’t even care that it’s winter and cold outside because we’ve been waiting to try these chocolate treats ever since they launched abroad last year.

Kinder Bueno ice creams are now available to buy in UK supermarkets

Shoppers have spotted all three of the chocolatey delights – including the stick, the sandwich and the cone – in Asda, even though only the cone is available to order online.

The most exciting one looks like it could be the cone, which is made with hazelnut ice cream packed inside a waffle cone and topped with a chocolate disk sprinkled with hazelnut pieces.

The very centre of the snack is also filled with a milk chocolate sauce.

Each cone contains 90ml of ice cream which works out at 204 calories – slightly more than a classic Cornetto which comes in at 198 calories.

The milk ice cream sticks are covered in Kinder Bueno chocolate and are also available in packs of four, while the ice cream sandwich comes in a bar shape.

The rectangular frozen delight is sandwiched between two flat slices of waffle cone.

The stick and the sandwich aren’t available online yet so we’re waiting to hear from the retailers to find out how many calories they contain.

The sweet snacks were first spotted by eagle-eyed shoppers Instafoodietwins for £4 for a box of four from Asda but we’ve had a look online and found Ocado is selling them for £3.50 each – saving you 50p.

You’ll be paying over the odds for the ice cream though as a pack of six classic Cornetto’s cost £2 from Tesco – but of course they’re not made with Kinder Bueno chocolate.

But if you are in the mood for some Kinder Bueno chocolate but you’d rather stay warm then you can pick up a bar from Asda, Tesco or Waitrose for 60p.

Looking to save money on ice cream? We pit supermarket own brand ice creams against Cornettos and Magnums to find out which ones taste the best.

Cadbury has turned the Double Decker chocolate bar into an ice cream and it only costs £3 a tub from Asda.

Earlier this week, Lidl started selling tubs of Oreo and Daim ice creams – and they only cost £2 each.

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