Koh-Lanta : Clementine is launching an appeal for donations and the wrath of internet users

A few weeks ago, the former Miss Weather Canal+ Solweig Write-Lizlow launched an appeal for donations to pay off his debts. It is now the turn of Clementine, candidate of ‘Koh-Lanta”, to appeal to the generosity of users to make a “round the world of sport, humanitarian, eco-responsible and a bit crazy” with three relatives. The quartet has explained its approach on the site of collaborative funding Ulule. The starting point is a meeting with asylum seekers, Sudanese and Eritreans, “adventurers of life”, in the village of childhood of Clementine and his brother Benjamin. To integrate the migrant group, “the village youth” have been participating in sports activities. Their initiative has inspired the four friends who now want to “create those moments of encounter around the sport to the four corners of the world, with the local populations”. During their trip a year, which will be entirely filmed, they are planning to carry out numerous sporting challenges such as a “trail on the Great wall of China” or eco-friendly activities such as cleaning of beaches. Potential donors will also be able to submit ideas for challenges to the group which presents itself as four young people “thirst for discovery” and defending the values of “sharing, respect of others and of their environment” and “self-transcendence”.

The stings of Vincent Lagaf’

To finance part of the trip which they estimate the overall cost of 80 000 euros, they rely on users to collect 10 000 euros. If Sunday at noon, their prize pool was $ 4 070 euros of promises of the gifts, the approach of Clementine and her family does not have unanimous support, especially on Twitter, where she is highly criticized. Users complain that particular the young woman not to make a stop in Africa during his trip, then he would have been inspired by migrant sudanese and eritreans. The facilitator of C8 Vincent Lagaf’ has also launched a little dig against the young woman. “Good idea around the world. The boat on what you’re in the photo and does not work at the olive oil alone is worth at least € 150 000. Super non. The 15 rounds of the world”, he wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first time that the adventurer of “Koh-Lanta” is taking part on social networks, where it has been strongly criticized, notably for its lack of fair-play, at its first participation in the adventure game of TF1 in 2017.

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