Kylie Jenner at the heart of a new controversy, Kim Kardashian takes his defense

Once is not custom, Kylie Jenner has created a new controversy by appearing on the cover of Forbes. And, as often, it was Kim Kardashian West who has stepped up to the plate to defend it !

Bad buzz ! We talked about it yesterday : Kylie Jenner has created controversy by appearing in A Forbes magazine. Indeed, for its number dedicated to the american women billionaires, the american media has seen fit to put on the cover Kylie Jenner and designate it as a “billionaire self-taught”. What has not failed to trigger the anger of thousands of people around the world, completely stunned by the fact that Forbes is silent on the fame and fortune of the basis of the Kardashian-Jenner as well as the route already surveyed, and charted by Kim Kardashian in his portrait of Kylie Jenner. Quite discreet since the beginning of the controversy, the founding of Kylie Cosmetics can nevertheless count on the support and the good words of her big sister Kim Kardashian West !


During an interview with Refinery29, the wife of Kanye West was keen to defend his sister, to explain his position and that of his entire family. “I don’t understand because she is really self-taught – we are all self-taught. Or what, it’s because it comes from a family that has had success ? According to me, it doesn’t make sense… I know lots of people who were also made as Kylie. And I’ve also seen quite the opposite.” It adds the suite to be proud of her sister who “knew how to manage his insecurity and found out how to make it a lucrative business” in reference to the lips of Kylie Jenner, which are its prime asset. The controversy related to the cover of Forbes , however, is still not désenflé…

This has not prevented Kim to add this : “to Me, Kylie, none of our [brother and sisters] never rested on our parents if not for advice. It is like that that I grew up with my father. It, I was never given anything. We may have had opportunities but I saw what was happening on the other side [of the success]. Nobody works harder than my sisters and my mother. I created something and I hope that [my children] will want to be in the family business and work with you. Kanye feels probably the same thing. He wants one of our children is working to Yeezy and take the orders. By chance, there was a lot of children.” In the rest of the news, note that Kim may be tempted to leave Caitlyn Jenner back in The Incredible family Kardashian !

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  1. As for this 60K a month consultancy thing – then to me its just another reason that HBOS should be thoroughly ashamed of itself!!

    Why is it that the guys on the frontline are always the first to be hit with the cutbacks which are put in place when something like this happens – instead of getting rid of those responsible and cutting the hoards of “middle management” that these companies have, they punish their frontline staff who are seriously underpaid in the first place!
    Would you work in a Bank, behind a tellers position for £12k a year, working 9-5 every day (plus having to be in way before 9 and never getting away till after 5.30) AND saturdays, to be abused by the public who think that it is YOUR fault entirely – bearing in mind that if the Bank goes under you can’t support your family???????

    Don’t get me wrong, i don’t begrudge staff nights out cos i know that staff work hard for it, but I think that it should have been a much more modest affair!!!

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