Burma asks Bangladesh to stop aid to Rohingyas

Burma has asked Bangladesh to stop providing humanitarian assistance to 6,000 Rohingyas stranded at the border between the two countries after a wave of violence caused the exodus of the muslim minority last year, according to the diplomacy of bangladesh. This group of Rohingyas is stuck in a “no man’s land” between the two countries, after having refused to enter the Bangladesh neighbor while fleeing the abuses committed by the burmese army that have thrown 700,000 people on the roads for a year.

During discussions Friday in the capital of burma, a senior local official, Kyaw Tint Swe, has asked Bangladesh to stop providing humanitarian aid upon which these 6,000 people, said the ministry of foreign Affairs of bangladesh in the night from Saturday to Sunday. “Burma has requested specifically in Bangladesh to cease providing humanitarian aid to these people… and proposed to organize a supply chain humanitarian of its side of the border,” said the government.

Without making any commitment, Bangladesh has “responded positively” to the proposal of Burma to conduct an assessment of the area between the two borders, according to the ministry.

“If Bangladesh stops to help us, we will have a big problem”

During a visit to the area earlier in the year, a minister of burma, had warned of the Rohingya that they would face “consequences” if they refused the offer of Burma and their return to the country. But Dil Mohammad, a spokesman for the group stuck at the border, told AFP that the recent pressures on the burmese government to evacuate the area of “no man’s land” made it difficult to further their situation.

“We can’t know with certainty if the Burma we will regularly provide humanitarian aid. If Bangladesh stops to help us, we will have a big problem”, he estimated.

Burma is committed to accommodate the Rohingya who wish to return, but they refuse for lack of sufficient guarantees concerning their safety, according to members of this community.

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