The commission of inquiry Benalla in the Assembly shatters

On the eve of his final hearing scheduled, the commission of inquiry of the Assembly on the matter Benalla exploded on Thursday with the withdrawal of the co-rapporteur LR Guillaume Larrivé of this “parody”, leading behind him the rest of the opposition.

At the end of a re-hearing of the Paris police prefect Michel Delpuech, Guillaume Larrivé said he was “compelled to suspend his participation in what has become, alas, a parody”

The clash was expected since the day before when the majority was denied access to the list of hearings requested by Guillaume Larrivé, including “the whole hierarchical chain” of the Elysee, up to the secretary-general Alexis Kohler, and the ministry of the Interior. “I pose the question: is that the Palace wants to torpedo the work of our commission?”, continued the member of parliament who “think that statement was given to members LREM to rush through the preparation of a true false report”.

“We are not the orders of a person”

Taking the speech in stride, Yael Braun-Pivet, said it was “shocked” by the remarks of the member of parliament on a majority “of the orders of the presidency”, recalling that the hearings and the work schedule had been the subject of a vote the day before. “We are not the orders of a person”, she responded, recalling that the commission could not have been created without the agreement of the majority, and denouncing the attitude of those who wanted to make the commission “a forum”.

After having interviewed the minister of the Interior and his director of cabinet, the highest officials of the prefecture of police and, “exceptional, three officials of the presidency of the Republic,” Yael Braun-Pivet considered “useless” to go beyond.

On the bottom, where LR finds a “matter of State”, the majority believes that it is in the presence of a case, primarily the police, with “drifts of the individual d’ Alexandre Benalla and some of the police authorities”.

The majority believes to have been supported in his choice by the hearing by the Senate Thursday, the secretary-general of the Elysée Alexis Kohler, “which has brought nothing new.” For LR, the majority diverts attention by targeting the police. “Nobody will be fooled by the operation of diversion politician who is at work,” said Eric Ciotti.

“LREM dishonour,” says The Pen

The Untamed have announced also the suspension of their participation, citing “sabotage”, just as the communists speaking of “masquerade” and the socialists. For Marine Le Pen, “in preventing the commission of inquiry for the emergence of the truth, LREM dishonour. We will contribute more to this manoeuvre unworthy”. “The commission of inquiry is dead, a victim of the excesses of some opponents and the servility and partiality of the chairperson”, has denounced for its part, the co-chair of the group IDU-Act Jean-Christophe Lagarde.

The commission still needs to audition on Friday afternoon the company commander of CRS this place Contrescarpe on the 1st of may. This will be the last hearing of the commission that, in the absence of Mr. Larrivé, should adopt a concise report next week.

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