The family Trump makes a spectacle on Broadway… or almost

Ivana, Marla, Melania, Ivanka, Donald Jr and Eric : they are all here… or almost. From 13 September (until 6 December), the musical comedy “Trump Family” Special ” will start at the Triad Theater, located on Off-Broadway. It puts the spotlight on a tv show presented by a version ofIvanka Trump, where she asks the members of his family. “And when they are off camera, we find out what they really think…”, promises the website of the production.

Wednesday, casting new yorker has been released to the press, with a special guest : Anthony Scaramucci, the ephemeral communication director of the House-Blanche. He took the pose with the real-fake Trump, posting the same on Instagram a selfie with Gina Gershon, who plays Melania Trump -and the resemblance is obvious.

The actress has also made fun of the situation, in the aftermath ofone of the days the more complicated the administration Trump : “Each day is more and more bizarre. More and more scary. More and more true. We do not know what is fact or what is fiction. I asked (as Melania) with the true Mooch at the press conference for a show that I find funny to do. But everything is too real. This has given me a desire to leave Slovenia”, she wrote on Instagram.

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