The curse of the players”Arnold and Willy”

“Arnold and Willy” has quickly become a cult series after its launch in 1978. The whole world has fallen for Arnold and his big brother Willy, two little boys who grew up in the inner city of Harlem, before being adopted by Philip Drummond, a wealthy business man in new york city. After the end of the series in 1986, some of its stars have seen a veritable descent into hell.

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Gary Coleman. Propelled to stardom at the age of 10 years due to his role as Arnold, Gary Coleman has won up to $ 100,000 per episode. But at the end of the series, who suffered from a congenital illness affecting his kidneys and his growth was discovered that he had been conned by his adoptive parents and found himself ruined. The justice has given him reason in 1993, and he was able to recover a little over a million dollars. Yet, six years later, the actor was declared bankrupt personal. The American, who was also told to have attempted suicide on two occasions, has never returned to the success, and apart from a few appearances in film and television, he became a security guard in a parking lot. In 1998, he was arrested after he struck several times in the face, a woman. He had refused to sign an autograph and the latter was then mocked him. In 2008, he participated in a program that attempts to resolve marital problems with his wife, Shannon Price. With little success, since after months of tempestuous relationship -they have both been arrested for domestic violence – they were divorced. Gary Colemanest who died in 2010 died of a brain hemorrhage due to a bad fall. He was 42 years old.

Dana Plato. In “Arnold and Willy”, Dana Plato played the daughter of Philip Drummond. When the actress became pregnant in 1984 at the age of 20 years, it has been ruled out of the series. Addicted to drugs since his teens and an alcoholic, she has lost custody of her son, Tyler, to the benefit of her ex-boyfriend, Lanny Lambert, after their divorce. After attempting to revive her career by posing for “Playboy” in 1989, she was arrested in Las Vegas in 1991 to have robbed a store to rent movies, with a rifle shot. She was also prosecuted for having falsified prescriptions of Valium. A year before his death, in 1998, she starred in a pornographic film lesbian whose title was a reference to “Arnold and Willy” : “Different Strokes: The Story of Jack & Jill…”, “Different Strokes” being the English title of the cult series. She committed suicide by overdose in may 1999 at the age of 34 years. His only son, Tyler, has taken the lives of 11 years later to 25 years.

Todd Bridges. The drug has also long been one of the demons of Todd Bridges. The one who played Willy was addicted to cocaine and has spent nine months in prison after the death of a drug dealer. He was later cleared of all charges. In 1993, he stabbed one of her tenants who did not pay any more rent. But the charges were dropped because the justice ruled that he had acted in self-defence, since his tenant had attacked him with a sword. After years of addiction, he has managed to wean before telling his fight against drugs in the book “Killing Willis”. He used his experience to make the drugs prevention among young people. A few days ago, he again made about him when an old girlfriend has claimed that the actor had attacked, including with a bow and a Taser. Charges that he has denied with ferocity on Twitter.

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