La Palma volcano – Canary Islands face toxic gas clouds as terrifying lava flow heads towards sea amid ‘constant’ quakes

VILLAGERS in La Palma were given just an HOUR to escape after a fresh eruption threatened to destroy more homes and release a toxic gas bomb.

Locals in the town of Todoque were told to grab any valuable they could and escape as the lava continues its slow, deadly ooze towards the sea.

Authorities warned when the lava hits the sea, it will create explosions and clouds of toxic gases as it cools rapidly – causing further damage to the health and homes of locals.

It came after a second earthquake hit the Canary Islands as the eruption of La Cumbre Vieja volcano continues.

The new 3.8 magnitude quake caused yet more lava to spew from the erupting volcano, although the flow is now moving through the island at a slower rate than it previously was.

Shocking video showed swimming pools BOILING as red hot lava from the volcano poured into gardens, while other footage captured the moment a molten wall rolled down the street towards firefighters.

Read our La Palma volcano live blog below for the latest updates…


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